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  • Cupcake Richard

    Cupcake Richard

    Located in Cape Town
    083 737 3417
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    If the name doesn't get your attention, the idea behind Cape Town's newest cupcake brand will. You see, these are (as far as i and they know) the first gluten, sugar, wheat, butter free, vegan-friendly cupcakes that actually taste ...well, like cupcakes. Yip, they taste nothing like the types of super-duper healthy rubbish-free 'cake' you may have tried that professes to be tasty  - because let's face it, those taste like old shoes. These, dear readers taste like moist, cocoa (or berry or coconut) laden, sweet, delicious cakes of deliciousness. And the icing? A creamy dreamy, sweet (dairy and sugar free) taste sensation too. They serve them as 'spoon me' cakes,  in cups with spoons and it's a nice way to eat them, in fact i'm wondering why other cupcake folk don't do the same? You'll love that you can order online and that they deliver in Cape Town, that there are three delicous flavours to choose from and yes, that they actually really do taste like cupcakes! I Want More! Cupcake Richard delivered a dozen to our offices a while ago - they were devoured in minutes. CupcakeRichard1
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