• Winter’s here and how do i know that? Because already this week i have had a three cups of tea – my first of the year! Who knows what it is but hot drinks are not for me except when it’s really really cold…i know i know, it’s really weird…

    Anyhoo…someone who luurrves a cup o’ tea is the lovely Kathy Mellor, illustrator extraordinaire and the recent creator of a brand new range of table linen and beautilicious tea towels. Kathy sent me some pix of her new range and being the tea towel fetishist that i am, i contacted her immediately…so…here’s your chance, lovely readers to WIN a set of three of Kathy’s gorgeous tea towels – the perfect means for bringing a dose of vintage glam to your kitchen or tea tray. The tea towels are printed on 100% natural cotton hopsack.

    Check them out…


    To WIN a set of 3 Kathy Mellor tea towels, all you have to do is post a comment below and tell me…..Who you would love to invite to tea and why?

    The competition closes May 22 2010

    These are some of the other lovely cotton and linen blend items in Kathy’s new range inspired by her love of vintage collectables and Agapanthus flowers…you can order them online, just click here to visit her site


    And these are some of her whimsical illustrations…i know a series of these would look so fine in my kitchen-to-be!


    I’m looking forward to hearing who will be joining you for your tea for two…till then, tooodleoo!

  • 74 Comments to “WIN Kathy Mellor tea towels”

    1. Lesley Jewell on

      Yes Please can i get tea towels to have a fabulicious tea party 😛

      The website is looking most lovely Kathy! xx

    2. Leigh-Ann on

      with all my girly friends…. as we don’t have book club ANY MORE!!!

    3. Raphaella on

      LOVE, love, love these so much! Kathy is so clever.

      Would love invite someone like Prince/ Symbol/ the Artist formerly known as Prince/ Whatever he is known as at the moment to tea, because it would be like having the REAL mad hatter over, and we could listen to ‘Cream’ and ‘Raspberry Beret’ and eat scones with lashings of raspberry jam and clotted cream…!

      Or, Sophie Dahl. She’s such a gorgeous foodie!

    4. belinda pretorius on

      please can i win ….

    5. Penny Wilson on

      Hmmm, first I would chew up half a box of Rescue Remedy perhaps also a dear little Ativan as well, then invite Julius Malema.

    6. Shannon Latimer on

      My mom! I’ve been trying to get her to fly down to Cape Town – from East London – for a visit since February. I’m sure my constant whining will wear her down eventually.

    7. Lucille on

      Hi Vicki

      I would love to invite… (and this isn’t a suck up)… you! We have been chatting and tweeting and commenting on one another’s stuff for a while now but we haven’t even met… and when I saw that Hello Kitty post I knew… meant to be!

      Oh and I would love to invite Carrie B, Shakespeare, James Joyce and George Michael as well – just for some extra fun you know!

      Lucille x

    8. Helen on

      Oh my, those are GORGEOUS! I love tea and so does everyone in my family. It would be fun to have all the girls to tea – my mum, my aunts ( I have five) and all my (many, many!) girl cousins. We are scattered all over the country and don’t see nearly enough of one another.

    9. Kathy on

      I am clearly not a contestant, but just for the record, I’d invite the Mad Hatter to tea. And if the March Hare could accompany him, even better! And a whimsical, nonsensical, fanciful, riot of a tea party we would have!

    10. aletta on

      for tea towels like that I would have to invite a photographer and shoot something pretty

    11. Vanessa Alsop on

      It is very cheasy and I’m sure a lot of people will say the same as me, but I would want to invite Nelson Mandela. Not too talk about anything political but just because I think he is such an interesting and inspirational man and I would love to find out about him personally some more


    12. Diane Heierli on

      Hey Vicki,

      Definitely would invite Eddie Izzard round for tea because it would be
      simply disastrous if I had to invite him over for drinks, I know the bubbly
      would flow …..and I would start behaving outrageously, laughing with
      abandon in a decidedly unladylike manner baring my back molars as he redid
      his Darth Vader battleship canteen routine for the 10th time.
      So to preserve the sanity of all and sundry I would invite him around for
      tea and host a quaint little Alice in Wonderland teatime shindig.
      Where I could quiz him about his fantastic taste in shoes and matching
      Obviously I will ask him to do Darth vader a few times!
      Here is the link, jurst in case you haven’t had a chance to see it,
      Prepare to laugh with abandon.
      X Diane Heierli

    13. Ayanda Ndovu on

      I would like to invite Julius Malema, Maybe if i sat down with him i would get to understand him and calrify all that is said by him.
      Not sure if he drinks much tea though, but worth a try

    14. Shosh on

      I would love to have tea with Nigella… cos there will be non-stop eating (!)
      But the tea towels are works of art, so we would wipe our hands on our clothes and frame the tea towels instead. Love them!

    15. Laura Siegers on

      I would like to invite The Queen. I would love to see her table manners that my mother always threatened me with, when growing up……”you never know if you going to have tea with the queen one day..” !! And to share our love of Earl Grey.

    16. Natalie Haarhoff on

      I would love to join Kathy & Greg Mellor for tea on Dangar Island – to ponder and chat about all things beautiful…as well as suggesting to Kath that she should do gorgeous bedlinen – especially for litt-lies cots and cribs.

    17. Michael Olivier on

      I would like to invite my children to tea. Quietly sit and have lovely chats with three very special people. And it would be green tea with honey for Peter, stand a spoon up in it miners tea for Amy and me [Taylors of Yorkshire for preference] and rooibos-no-milk-thanks-Dad for Sarah. We would need something sweet, something savoury and shortbread for me. And I would come away inspired by three wonderful young people who mean the world to me and who dont see a horizon or a boundary anywhere in their lives. And of course the mother would be there, my wonderful unique and amazing wife of 33 years.

    18. Laura on

      My best and dearest friend Audra. Due to distance, all of our intimate conversations are shared through the phone lines. The thought of sitting across the table, chatting over tea, simply makes me feel warm inside.

    19. Nicole on

      I would invite my late Grandma. She died while I was in high school before I got the chance to realize that you need to make the time to enjoy those around you before they’re gone! Having tea or coffee with others is my favorite way to catch up and learn about people, and I’d love to learn more about my grandma and her life while drinking a cup of mint tea:)

    20. Lizemari on

      Being a regular “tea party hostess” – these will be the most perfect addition to my events!! They are absolutely gorgeous!! I would invite Kim Gray, my mom and my sister and we would have a ball chatting about all things lovely & stylish!!

    21. Bridget McNulty on

      My best friend and I spent endless hours chatting over cups of tea while we were at college together in America… And then I didn’t see her for 4 years. We saw each other for 3 days last year, and since then it’s been a whole year and I would give anything for a few hours of nonstop (non-Skype) conversation over countless cups of tea.

    22. Lynda on

      I’d invite my mom (who lives in Joburg), because I think of her every day and wish I could give her a hug, my sister (who lives in Australia) because I miss her so much that it hurts, and I wish I could invite my Gran, who is sadly no longer with us, because she was the best, kindest Gran anyone could have ever wished for!

    23. Nina on

      I’m in love with the designs ! I can’t wait to organize a winter tea party with my girlfriends (Millie Pea, Pea and of cause you Vicky) next to the fireplace and some of my home made German Xmas cookies ! Xmas in July is coming quickly! Very exciting!

    24. Monique on

      I would invite my niece. Who isn’t actually born yet, but I can’t wait to meet her and hear what she has to say.

    25. Suzie on

      I would also go with The Queen. I’m not sure which one though… it would be a toss up between George Michael (who I had a hopeless unrequited crush on when I was 10), Perez Hilton for some juicy goss or newcomer Ricky Martin.

    26. Jacci on

      I would invite my daughter, my mom and my grandmother. 4 generations of wonderful women who like to drink tea, eat cake and have a good gossip!

    27. Tati on

      I am in lay down my life i am in love with those tea towels mode

      the actual truth is i would love to have tea with vicky sleet, kathy mellor, marietjie beselaar, stephanie roup, lula fowler, thaya (sorry don’t know your surname yet) beatnik bazaar diveness somewhere DIVINE on the south pen side and have a massive brainstorm regarding all things art, design, selling trumpet blowing etc.

    28. Diana on

      We’ve just settled into our Victorian house and Kathy’s gorg tea towels would look oh-so good in my kitchen – I am in dire need of a tea towel make-over. My current tea towels are those check-ed naff ones that are really just depressing. Kathy’s vintage tea towels just make me wanna smile.

      I’d invite all my friends over for tea and cake – it’s about time we had a good catch up and I’d get my husband to light a fire in the fireplace to, to create the right ambience! 🙂

    29. Nicole on

      Hi Kathy I think your tea towels are just cute. Tea in our family is an institutional tradition so these would fit in perfectly. My Granny & Mom taught me how to bake & sew, so high tea with Gran’s lovely homemade cookies & cakes and your tea towels to match would complete an afternoon of good gossip & yummy treats…

    30. Marina on

      Oh, these are gorgeous!

      I’d love to invite both my grans, to show them how well-mannered I turned out, all thanks to their great example.

    31. Li on

      I’d have Ryk Neethling and Osar Wilde to tea … because I know Oscar would encourage Ryk to be wicked!

    32. Lindsey Cohen on

      You because I miss you! And Pieter-Dirk Uys, Nik Rabinowitz and Mark Lottering so that we could laf and laf and laf some more. Oh and that nice man with the best cheesecake recipe ever- with a cheesecake in hand of course.

    33. Cassie on

      I would love to invite my grandmother to tea and learn from her wisdom!


    34. Ali on

      I would have my mother, my best friend Allie M, and of course the Queen of England to tea or some sort of royalty…

    35. Liza on

      I’d invite my close girlfriend who I haven’t seen for a couple years (geography mismatch), who’s a total tea connoisseur and just got engaged, and we’d celebrate together!

      Thanks for the chance to win!


      ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

    36. Kristen on

      I love the designs on these!

      I would invite my friends Katie and Ann to tea because I want them to meet each other.

    37. angelina on

      i want to have johnny depp over for tea: =)

    38. Julia on

      I’d love to be able to have tea with my grandmother. She’s half the world away, but I remember from childhood all her stories, and would like to hear them again.

    39. alex_alex on

      i would invite my mother…every sunday afternoon we drink tea or coffee together….!!!
      this towels are beautiful…!!!


    40. Kimberly on

      Love these towels, they’re so cute! I would invite my girlfriends who have deployed husbands. Give them some much deserved relaxation.

    41. Wehaf on

      I would love to invite my (late) grandmother to tea. I miss her so very much, and would give almost anything to see her again.

    42. Stephanie on

      I think it would be so cool to have tea with the president…or the first lady!

      Though if I could have tea with people from the past, I’d invite famous scientists, like Tesla or Einstein.

      Of course, in the real world, I’d love to have tea with my family!

    43. katherine on

      Can the person I want to invite be dead? If so, I’d like to invited either Benjamin Franklin or Leonardo DaVinci because I’d just like to pick their brains over tea. If the person has to be alive, then I’d invite Phil Collins or Paul McCartney because they’re both British, so they’d know how to tea, and they are fantastic singers and sexy to boot, so what’s not to love about them?!

    44. Esme on

      If I could invite anyone it would be Jackie O-she was an interesting lady-full of love for her family, ambition and an interest in books.

      These are adorable.

    45. Micaela K on

      I would have to invite my childhood girlfriends that I haven’t seen in years so we could catch up and reminisce.

    46. Danielle on

      Taylor Swift..shes my idol! 🙂

    47. Marty on

      I would invite my best friend, Andrea. We haven’t seen each other in years, because she moved a little bit after finishing high school. We are both dying to meet each other’s kids, since that has never happened. It would feel good just to give her a big hug and see my good, dear friend.

    48. Tinkie on

      I am sure your gourgeos tea towels will so fit into my beautifull kitchen, if I don’t win them, I’m definately going to buy some. ( Hope it dosn’t mean that I’m not going to win!)

    49. Natalie on

      I would love these towels… I would invite over my mom. She lives in Texas and I live in New York, but we love to visit one another when we can and have lovely teas and dinner 🙂

    50. EmilyB on

      Well if this applies to anyone, I would love to invite Ellen DeGeneres to tea! She wouldn’t have to dance, but if she wanted to, I would join in!

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