• Seriously folks, Tina Bester, the owner of Queen of Tarts, one of Cape Town’s most fabulous vintage-inspired café’s and author of the sellout success Bake is one talented chica!!

    Her latest book, Comfort, printed by the superb Quivertree publishing team has just arrived off the presses and it’s a beauty!! It’s filled with loads of easy peasy inspiring recipes and page upon page of Tina’s beautifully styled heartwarming offerings.

    I’m so excited to cook  rib sticking comfort dishes to warm the cockles of everyone who eats them’s hearts (shew! that’s a mouthful in itself) this winter.

    I wrote the blurby bits in Tina’s delish book and i’m honoured to share shelf space with such a fantastic foodie. I reckon Comfort is the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift

    Want a taster of what to expect….? Pssst…read all the way to the bottom of this post for a lovely could-be-yours treat…

    comfort cover

    Breakfast treats…

    Picture 10

    Yummy salads crammed with taste and flavour

    Picture 8

    Moreish suppertime staples

    Picture 6 copy

    And lick-the-bowl-clean puddings

    Picture 7

    … here’s the most delicious part of all…you can WIN a signed copy of Tina’s book, sister to her sellout success Bake…all you have to do is leave a comment here and tell me….What is YOUR favourite comfort meal or dish? The competition closes May 14…

    (Comfort is available at leading bookstores for R149,95)

  • 58 Comments to “Comfort Me”

    1. Jesse on

      Mushrooms fried in lots of butter on thick slices of toast! And I do mean lots of butter….

    2. iwantthat on

      Stop, you’re making me hungry! Sounds too lovely!

    3. diana on

      oooooooh! that book looks amazing.

      my absolute favourite comfort food is poached eggs on warm toasted rye bread with butter and a ripe avocado on the side, accompanied by a cup of earl grey tea with one sugar. nothing beats it.

    4. Joanne on

      a bowl of my wild mushroom risotto with a dollop of gorgonzola infused creme fraiche

    5. Bee on

      garlicky roast chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. hangover food, humour-failure food, heartbreak food… any day for any reason!

    6. Leigh-Ann on

      My home made chicken pie – with bacon, leek and mushroom….. yuuummmmeeeeeeeeeeee

    7. Rosemary on

      Macaroni and cheese, with lots of bacon, chilli and cheese sauce. Bubbling cheese topping – the sauce must be made with real cream and butter.

    8. Lana on

      Yes please, I’ve gotta have this book so I can own the whole collection! mmm fave comfort food would have to be my Mom’s lasagne! No other lasagne will do, her’s is the best! Followed by some malva pudding to be really decadent!;)

    9. christine on

      Mmm, my mom’s apple crumble made with sweet golden delicious apples and juicy raisins, served with vanilla bean ice-cream…best if you grab a bowlful when its just out the oven as then the ice-cream melts around it…yum 😉

    10. Sarah on

      Oooh – it’s definitely mushroom risotto made with loads of exotic mushrooms, lashings of butter, heaps of parmesan and far too much cream. And depending on the level of comfort needed this could be paired with a side order of Nigella’s Spaghetti Carbonara (to be eaten in the pan) and/or my mum’s perfect macaroni cheese – with it’s sublimely cheesy, slightly mustardy white sauce and a layer of tomatoes grilled on top… It’s all about the excessive use of carbs really.

    11. Michael Olivier on

      Crunchy crust textured bread with farm butter, hunks of mature cheddar from Dalewood and my whole preserved naartjies, a small sharp knife, a steaming cup of miners strength tea, flickering fire, Love Actually [again] on the DVD. My baby [wife of 33 years] by my side. Kleenex for when the Colin Firth character confesses his love for his Portuguese girl.

    12. Jo on

      my fav comfort food has to be super creamy and extra cheesy macaroni cheese, made with generous dollops of goats cheese and slivers of mushroom (and sometimes with crispy bacon bits) BUT if there isn’t any pasta in the cupboard then pea and pecorino risotto is a good backup (with a good glug of truffle oil on for good luck)

    13. Juliet Hutton-Squire, Editor Adorn-London on

      you wont believe it but Pecks Anchovette on Dunes Dumpy wholewheat, served warm so that the butter seeps through the holes in the bread…and a pot of English breakfast…. oh can I say another one – roast chick with all the trimmings – roast potatoes, butternut, beans and a lekker gravy…now we are talking!!

    14. aletta on

      Few things are better than a roast chicken with bread sauce. but my ultimate comfort food is Butter Chicken Curry from Bukhara restuarant with Garlic Naan and a Cobra beer. Followed by kulfi.

    15. Michael Olivier on

      yup can handle Roast Chicken too as comfort food, creamed goats cheese with butter, parsley, thyme, sea salt and freshly illed black pepper stuffed under the skin of the breast, well slathered with butter and orasted crisp. PAss that glass of wooded Chenin please! luv Mx

    16. Thaya on

      This book looks so rad that I want to live in it and made a little home for myself, with an oven and all Tina’s food. I want this for my mother’s day gift from my son to myself! How about grilled minted lamb chops with crispy sides resting on a bed of mashed potato, drizzled with natural juice gravy from the grilling pan! How about that huh huh? Do you think you could handle that?

    17. Kathy on

      tea, toast, marmite
      (and butter)

    18. coelho on

      piping hot crispy crunchy bread with a load of real butter & a dash of salt……drooling at the thought!

    19. Jacci on

      home made minestrone soup, that is so full of chunky hand chopped vegies that your spoon can stand in the bowl! Served with a large dollop of pesto princess thai pesto and chunky bread.

    20. lexi on

      nothing beats a piping hot lasagna with a fat ciabatta straight out of the oven. All that yum mince mixing with the bechemel sauce oooooh yum

    21. Monique on

      Bacon, tomoto & avo sarmie is my confort food of choice. Also great for hangovers!

    22. Philippa on

      Anything cooked by my mom or gran – particularly butter chicken, meatloaf or slow-roasted lamb…

    23. Tati on

      YAY! what a fab competition. Thank you Vicky Thank-you Tina
      rye bread toast, butter, pastsa sauce (tom) a mushed veggie burger that i make sigh so comofting

    24. yasmin on

      something breakfasy, toast or a bowl of hot oats/maltabella

    25. Sonya Ten Velthuis on

      Golden cap steamed pudding baked with lots of sticky delicious golden syrup, and served warm with a creamy homemade vanilla custard. Don’t forget to sip the ruby port in between spooning up the gorgeous pudding! A real sweet winter treat.

    26. maretha on

      Good old home-made ‘spag bol’ (left to simmer for a few hours the authentic italian way) topped with freshly ground black pepper and parmesan shavings. Yummmmmmmmm……

    27. Dana on

      My favorite comfort foods are mac N cheese and mash potatoes, not together, although that doesn’t sound too bad, but both are just so warm and filling and something I can make anywhere I am in the world (I live in Australia 9 months of the year) and remind me of my family.

    28. Julia on

      Does dessert count as a comfort meal? Cookies and ice cream is one of my all time favourite things.

    29. angelina on

      i need some comfort living abroad….i like pumpkins.

    30. Caroline on

      My mother’s Christmas dinner – turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots, sprouts, gravy, two types of stuffing. I was away from home for one Christmas and I thought about her food all day long!

    31. Marty on

      Hmmm…there are so many great choices out there, but I’d have to say it’s my mom’s chicken taquitos. She doesn’t do anything special or fancy to them–they just remind me so much of growing up, especially made with her homemade rice and beans. When I was pregnant and lived far away from home, there was nothing I wanted more than those tacos 🙂

      A close second would have to be a Mexican dessert called “arroz con leche,” which means “rice with milk.” It’s similar to rice pudding. My mom would always make it in the winter, and we’d eat it with French bread. It makes me think of winter, coziness,and safety.

      The book looks so interesting! Love the pics!

    32. Esme on

      Favorite comfort fruit is pancakes-with fruit and pecans-love strawberries or blueberries. Sometimes I will also add oats and cottage cheese to the filling. Of course they are topped with maple syrup

    33. Danielle on

      What is YOUR favourite comfort meal or dish?
      warm pumpkin soup with bread.. really hits the spot! 🙂

    34. Kim on

      Is it completely embarrassing to admit on such a foodie-frequented site that my ultimate comfort food is a toasted cheese sandwich? Ideally on day-old government bread, using mature cheddar and possibly a dash of Mrs Ball’s Original Chutney and done so that it is crispy and golden on the outside, but all melted and warm and delicious on the inside. What could be more comforting than comfort food that’s just five minutes away? x

    35. Barbara on

      My comfort food is definitely hot pasta and peas!
      Thanks for the giveaway!
      ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

    36. Cazzie on

      White government bread, toasted till golden. Salted butter, liberally spread. Globs of chunky peanut butter. Yum!

    37. PeachRainbow on

      Kentucky style fried chicken!

    38. nfmgirl on

      Mmmm. This book looks lovely! A favorite comfort indulgence for me would be something like a Belgian waffle with whipped cream and blueberry syrup. Yum!

    39. Elaine, clothed much on

      My favorite is mac and cheese and mashed potatoes!

    40. Emily on

      Are hot chocolate chip cookies strait out of the oven comfort food? With a glass of cold milk?

      Otherwise I’d choose grilled salmon, with a baked potato and grilled asparagus.


    41. Tina on

      Wow, what lovely comments, loved the one about living in the books. Tx

    42. Margit Rosenaa on

      spaghetti bolognese!!
      Wau – lovely book!!!

    43. Annonandon on

      Does chocolate count as a dish… 😀

      I make yummy chocolate chip… walnut… banana bread. It’s a recipe I received from an old friend. It always reminds me of her and the friendship we shared while I lived in Montana.

    44. Janet on

      Lots of comfort foods come to mind but first is tuna noodle casserole. Yum yum!

    45. Erin H on

      My favorite comfort food is biscuits and sausage gravy with hash browns and eggs. It is the best!!!

    46. Kristy M on

      My grandmother’s homemade mac and cheese or my mom’s roast with potatoes and carrots.

    47. Chris on

      A steaming bowl of mashed potato made with butter and cream.

    48. Lesley on

      Chicken korma with basmati rice, accompanied by a glass or two of red wine.

    49. kim on

      any warm pasta dish

    50. Ana Goncalves on

      What a truly wonderful giveaway.
      My comfort dish is without a doubt pasta, in any shape or form covered in a smother of pesto and cheese!

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