• So our Charley Bird is officially 9-and-a-half-months old which means she’s been out as long as she was in! That’s a scary thought. She’s crawling, pulling herself up onto things, has teeth and has started to say Mama – i’m beside myself. She’s also drooling like a maniac and has been since she was just a few months old (my mom in law tells me The Captain was the same, haha).  She goes through bibs like it’s going out of fashion and i find them stuffed in pockets of jackets in the car console, my handbag, well, just about everywhere.

    So when i had an opportunity to trial some Mamma and Nanna bibdanas on Charley, i jumped at the chance. Bibs-that-are-bandanas are definitely the baby accessory of the moment and they’re a great way to add some street cred to an outfit for your poppet.


    Mamma and Nanna have loads of bibdana choices and the best part is that they’re a mere R40 each and you can buy them online – they make great gifts and are an excellent way to pep up an outfit without breaking the bank.

    Here are some of Charley Bird’s faves




    Cute huh?

  • 4 Comments to “Mamma and Nanna Bibdanas”

    1. Yumnah on

      I am soooooooo ordering a few for my little girl

    2. Cathi on

      Sooooooo cute !!!!

    3. Mandy Allen on

      She’s so cute Vix. Tobes was a major drooler too and I had me a few of these. Love.

    4. Yvonne on

      awww! she’s so cute!!!

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