• Shew, i’m still working and it’s all a bit of a mad rush at the moment. I’ve put together a little list of the current giveaways that are up as we’ll be choosing winners for them today and tomorrow.

    pic from Decor8

    Win 2 of Heather Moore from Skinny la Minx’s lovely tea towels here

    There’s a lovely cushion looking for a good home here

    How about a copy of Tina Bester’s new book? (there are three to be had)

    Or a pair of Melissa’s shoes from Imagenius?

    An ingenious pair of kitchen scissors and a useful grow-your-own veggies book from Yuppiechef can be won here

    Mu & Me came to the party with the cutest scrapbook for all your memories

    The prettiest purse from Lou Harvey

    Preserves from Melissa’s the Food Shop

    Fantabulous Le Creuset products galore

    This afternoon there’ll be another giveaway up and another tomorrow and then lovely readers…this here blog is having a little break…just for a few days, but enough time for a regroup, a brain empty and a recharge

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