• I visited Typo a little while ago but i haven’t had a chance to download my pix, so my apologies for the lateness of this post. It was a little tricky as I hired a driver dude for the day and he pushed me around Canal Walk and various other places in a wheelchair as i sourced for work. So although i was MAD about everything i saw in Typo, i’m a bit sad because i only spent about half an hour there and could easily have oohed and ahhed and droooled for another hour. The driver/pusher-of-wheelchair man was looking most confused as i squealed at yet another colourful something…

    I did a fair amount of shopping at Typo – i bought the prettiest iPad cover for R90, notebooks i definitely don’t need but wanted and change purses too. I bought LOADS for the kids – their birthdays are coming up so that was great and i can’t wait to see their expressions. If you are into stationery and i know so many of you are as obsessed as i am, then give yourself some time to browse and drool and buy…in fact, i had to laugh because that afternoon i popped into my friend Chloe’s house as she broke her ankle not long after i broke my foot and she had bought a shedload of stuff at Typo i hadn’t even seen…so factor in some time my fellow stationery sl*ts, you’ll need it!

    Where to find it: Typo is situated in Canal Walk, 104 Lower Level Canal Walk  021 552 2635

    They’re closest to Entrance 4

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    1. Lynda Ingham-Brown on

      OMG! Stationery fetish alert!

    2. Phillippa Duncan on

      loved Typo in Oz – so glad they have hit South Africa!

    3. ashe on

      i officially hate everyone in cape town, sulking big time 🙁

    4. Bridget Richardson on

      Cannot wait to visit, those letters are killing me!

    5. iwantthat on

      Sorry Ashe, but that’s FUNNY!! We’ll have to go on a spree when you come down for Gaga. V x

    6. iwantthat on

      I put those letters into Good Housekeeping for September Bridget, also love them! V x

    7. Chloe Buckland on

      Matching wheelchairs for us next time and a few hours to kill!! Obsessed with that shop

    8. ashe on

      am having serious heart palpitations, i want to stroke the notebooks and drool over the pretty pens *sob* – it’s not fair *stamps foot*

    9. Mandy on

      Bloody hell my heart rate has literally gone up with excitement/anxiety. Literally.

    10. Philippa on

      Ooh! Ooh! Can’t wait – gotta go … just what I need in my messy office … love the letters too!

    11. Charlene on

      Stationery heaven!!

    12. Megan on

      Loving those letters! And they’re cheap!

    13. lauren on

      so bleak i never saw it, I was at canal walk last week trawling the mall on a sourcing mission….and I LOVE stationery…and i never go to canal walk…

    14. Paula on

      Vicki, I love, love, love the look of this shop! Have to get there soon….

    15. Blair Scheepers on

      So unfair! That store looks like a dream….

    16. Sam Shallcross on

      Oh my word, you are depressing me!! Im in Durbs 🙁 Just as well I suppose as I would move into this shop!!

    17. Maria on

      Just heard that there is one opening in Tygervalley as well! Lower level, near to Mr Price Home.

    18. Sarah on

      Please, please come to Cavendish!

    19. Li on

      I saw it for the first time this week and immediately thought VICKI!!! Stunning stunning shop *itchy stationery fetish hands*.

    20. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!

    21. Nicola Reardon on

      wow this store looks impressive. Can’t wait to visit on my next trip to ct!

    22. Ronnel Z on

      Do they have a website with online shopping??!!

      Hopefully a shop scheduled for Durban soon?

    23. Laura Pitman on

      Hey Vicky, am actually on holiday in NZ at the mo where they are a common occurrence in all the major malls, AWESOMENESS!!!! o m w, how exciting that there is now one at canal walk!!!

    24. coelho on

      Drooling here in Durban…so on the list for next CT trip!

    25. Shirley on

      They are opening in Cavendish shortly, on the upper level opposite Sass Diva

    26. Nadia on

      JEALOUS!!! SOOOO JEALOUS right now! Amazing…can’t wait to visit. x

    27. laila on

      What country is the shop in???

    28. Cathy on

      You know it’s bad when the shop assistant offers to take your loot to the counter – to free your arms up to collect more! I am a stationery sl*t and proud of it!! Loving Typo!!!!

    29. Alison on

      Awesome looking shop….now wy don’t we have one in Jhb 🙁 or an on-line option *sigh*
      Lol Cathy you are making me very jealous here.

    30. Paula J Cairns on

      PLEASE tell me that there’s a store like this in Europe. When I went to Cape Town last year (LOVED IT), I didn’t know about this!

    31. iwantthat on

      Paula, you are totally spoilt in Europe – not sure where you live but there’s Paperchase (there’s a great sale on at the moment), then there’s Muji, where to start on the fabulousness…then there’s Ordning + Reda for the best notebooks ever!

    32. Paula J Cairns on

      MUJI! Of course! And I also completely forgot about Paperchase. I go to the UK a lot, but I don’t think I’ll return in time for the sale. Thanks for the thoughttful reply.

    33. judes on

      I JUST came from Typo CW, bought an awesome Beatles themed mug. Anything Beatles I’m sold! I’m obsessed with stationary and now Googled for a website for Typo to check a price for their artist wooden hand model and stumbled upon ur blog. I’m thrilled to be living in Cape Town!

    34. Monica Dart Photography on

      I discovered this ADDICTIVE store in Australia in February….then heard they had opened in South Africa! This has made my year….absolutely…completely!

    35. Carly on

      I love typo so much it’s awesome it’s my fav shop in the whole canal walk


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