• i popped into town on Wednesday night and one of the events i went to was the opening of the Tretchikoff and Me exhibition at Salon 91 Contemporary Art Gallery. A celebration of the art of Tretchikoff (who many criticised for becoming a ‘sellout’ due to his making his prints available on a large scale)…the works on show which are responses by the artists to Tretchi’s style, are thought provoking and eyecatching and the exhibition’s timing is perfect given that the South African National Gallery will be hanging its first Tretchokoff original artwork later this year.


    A pop artist of note whose instantly recogniseable Chinese Girl sold in the millions, Tretchi is most certainly a South African icon. All the artworks (including pieces by the likes of Lorenzo Nassimbeni, amazing digital prints by David Scadden and a collaborative effort with artist Jane Eppel and jeweller Nic Bladen) are for sale while vintage prints of his work are also for sale as are original prints  by the Tretchikoff Foundation, the co-producers of the exhibition.

    Pssst…if you’re not able to get to the exhibition and you’re a Tretchi fan,  you can also purchase authorised prints of his work on the Tretchikoff Foundation website.

    Salon 91, Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 021 424 6930

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    1. lou on

      i got to know about tretchikoff some months ago and i must say that i really like his paintings. the chinese girls are beautiful. i like how the faces look. the light and shadows are amazing.

    2. Michael Olivier on

      The Tretchis came to my restaurant in the 1990s and Mrs T predicted that one of my staff would be married within a year. She was married and yet didnt know the man at the time of the prediction! Mrs T’s daughter told me that her mother often told people they were pregnant before they knew! He was an enchanting man and an outrageous flirt. I remember going to his exhibition in Garlicks or Stuttafords in the 1960s. Fun work he did.

    3. cat on

      I HAVE ALWAYS loved the “Tretchi” style – my favourite…..thanks for sharing, i must go and have a look.

    4. Juliet, Editor Adorn London on

      I LOVE this post!! And Tretchikoff is just one of my faves!!
      A fabulous… post Vix as always

    5. Tanell Pretorius on

      Wow! Thank you so much for this post and sneaky website link!
      Made my first purchase, will be the perfect gift!

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