• Most of you know that i live in the Deep South and Kalk Bay is close to my ‘hood but for some reason i just couldn’t get it together to get to the Kalk Bay Co-Op but boy am i glad i finally did!

    This new concept for Kalk Bay celebrates local talents – and in such a big way.



    There are two sides to the Co-Op – both are on the Main Road and each store (100 Main Road, where Cape to Cairo used to be and on Kalk Bay  Station) features a range of talents – from established to emerging fashion (mens and women), ceramics, homeware, art, jewellery, shoes, vintage collectables and so many other fascinating finds.

    What i love most about the Co-Op is that each designer has their own small space and each has curated it according to their brand. A lot of effort has gone into each and every space and the effect is that a ten minute browse is likely to last an hour.

    I walked out with the prettiest polka dot top from Season and i couldn’t help drooling over the Sobeit candles. I also spotted a shirt for The Captain at Blue Collar White Collar that i know he’d love. So much to see!

    You’ll find the Kalk Bay Co Op on the Main Road in Kalk Bay 100 Main Road and in the Station Building at Kalk Bay train station (tel 071 978 3704)

  • 9 Comments to “Kalk Bay Co-Op”

    1. Brenda Finch on

      so beautiful

    2. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      Going to make a plan to get there this weekend! Those lovely twins are just so damn talented!!!

    3. Bianca-Leigh on

      Oh goodness, need to get there soon!

    4. Yvonne on

      Looks lovely!!

    5. Janine Binneman on

      Such an amazing concept store! We are so glad our jewellery is there!
      Love love love!!!!

    6. marieta de villiers on

      looks devine! Kalk Bay has always been a favourite spot and this looks even better

    7. Kim on

      Ooooh, divine. Haven’t been to Kalk Bay for ages. Looks well worth a trip!!!! x

    8. Melissa on

      Thank you for this post 🙂 I went to co-op on Thursday and got some of those fabulous cut out words! Thank you for your excellent updates on fantastic places to see 🙂

    9. linsey on

      Love this shop. Visited in November and bought lovely Deziree Smith prints. Lots of lovely interesting things to buy. Keep it up. Wonder if you will have on-line store in future? I live in UK but would love to keep up with the Co-op and DS art.

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