• Hello lovelies! I’m sitting writing this late at night, the rain is pouring outside and i have the fire on. The house is quiet and everyone is asleep and i’m finally able to get to a task i’ve had on my to do list for a few weeks – to share the Yokico good news! I first spotted news of this brand over on Insta a few weeks ago and then i saw they were based at Somerset Mall and i figured i’d get there at some stage. But then i heard they were opening at the Blue Route Mall ,which is nice and close to us and i headed there quick sticks!! I’m so glad we did – wow!

    Yokico is a proudly local stationery company – with the most gorgeous stationery, gifting and collectables – for both boys and girls. If you’re a Mum you’ve probably noticed how girl centric stationery is, so i love that aside from the gorgeous rainbow and unicorn stuff there is stationery for boys too!

    I took my girls and their cousin there in the school holidays and they went MAD! The collections of erasers will remind you of when you used to collect them (they smell EXACTLY the same), the space cases with compartments for all your goodies, notebooks, pens in every shape and form and the most gorgeous school bags and water bottles. Ava wasn’t quite understanding that she couldn’t have everything in the store which was a little embarrassing to say the least but we left with stars in our eyes and Yokico stationery in our paws. Ive been back a few times on my own to buy some goodies for myself (they say they’re aimed at primary school kids but i love so much of their stationery for me) and also for some parties Charley was invited too.


    I love that Yokico products are locally designed and that they are bringing back so many nostalgic stationery elements and keeping things so modern and fresh too – they are a really fab find in my book! And if you can’t get to one of their three stores (in Somerset Mall, Table Bay Mall and Blue Route Mall), then guess what? They’re online too!!

    Now for the even better news!

    I have ONE R500 voucher for one of YOU

    • Leave a comment below and tell me how you’ve entered

    • Like then share this post on your Facebook wall or Tag a friend if you’re on Insta – don’t forget to tag me @vicki_iwantthat and @yokicoshop so we know you’re in it to win it

    *Giveaway ends 30 July 2019 and is open to SA residents only

  • 21 Comments to “Have you been to Yokico?”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Awesome Brand – my granddaughters would be delighted if I won for them!
      (Shared on my timeline. Tagged friends! tagged vicki_iwant that and @yokicoshop) Holding thumbs to W I N !!!!!!

    2. Shelly-Ann Festus on

      I love love love this store. I bumped into it while window shopping at the mall and fell in love. My new favorite stationary store. #shoplocal
      I’ve entered on Insta and Holding thumbs I’ll be the lucky one.

    3. Judith Brebner on

      My daughter, Meghan, loves pretty stationery – and the more interesting and different, the better! I am a bit nervous to take her shopping at Yokico … she will have to dig into her pocket and birthday money savings!

    4. Karen on

      Thanks for the tip Vicki. I’ve entered via FB and Insta, but I suspect I’ll be there shopping up a storm regardless of winning or not. 😉 Will be hard not to buy too much for myself too!!!!

    5. Judith Brebner on

      Ps tagged Megs on Instagram …. will fo back and tag Vicky and Yokico! I’m a bit technology-challenged!

    6. Carolyn Augustus on

      Entered on Facebook and Instagram

    7. Losh Don Kisten on

      Divine giveaway entered on Instagram

    8. Yvonne on

      YAY! I’ve entered on Insta and Facebook!!

    9. Sara on

      My daughter would love this ! Entered on Facebook.

    10. Ange Haus on

      I’ve entered everywhere! Pretty sure stationary shops like this hit the timeless category – loved by both adults and kids alike! I heard about an amazing Blue Route stationary shop that’s recently opened… now I know… and off I’ll go!

    11. Anneliese on

      Love this giveaway!! Entered on IG! I love their product and love the stores! (Maybe I’m a little biased as hubby’s company was involved in designing all the Yokico stores from start to finish)

    12. Janet Watson Perry on

      Entered on FB and IG (janetwperry)

    13. Sharleen on

      Entered on Instagram

    14. Jessamine Torr on

      Entered on Insta!!

    15. Claire van der Linden on

      I stumbled on this shop recently and wow! They have such stunning stuff. I know my kids {and myself} would love to win this prize. Tagged and shared.

    16. Bianca on

      I would looooooooove to win this! I’ve just begun counselling at a government primary school and I’d love to buy some adorable fun stationery for the children who come to my counselling room. I’ve entered on instagram ❤️

    17. Catch on

      I’m so excited. This is totally my idea of heaven, a kickass stationery shop ! Yay.

    18. Tania Brewis on


    19. Lelanie Groenewald on

      Entered via Instagram..

    20. Cathy Badenhorst on

      Entered on FB, IG, Blog

    21. Daniela Cardoso on

      Fab prize

      Entered on Blog, IG and FB

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