• I popped into Design Team a couple of weeks back to fetch some fabrics for a shoot and was thrilled to see they’ve introduced a bright new blue to their collection – love, love, love it!


    Doesn’t the couch look fabulous in its new blue hue?


    As usual there was plenty of Design Team eye candy on view at their shop – aren’t the notebooks sweet? We made ones just like these at the workshop i contributed to here at the end of last year. DT2

    Love their Silly Billy kids range and want, want, want a printed umbrella for the winter DT3

    Their cushions are seriously well-priced (R260) anf you’ll find lovely ideas for gifts (aprons, books, overnight bags and pencil cases to name a few)

    You can visit the Design Team store at 59 Harrington Street, tel 021 021 462 7707

    PS. Someone kindly let me know that they’re having issues posting comments on the blog – are any of you having issues? It used to be that once you had logged in once the system would recognise you and you wouldn’t have to plug in any other info …it seems there’s a glitch. So sorry, we’re working on it. V x

  • 6 Comments to “Design Team Lovelies”

    1. Kim on

      Must get down to Harrington Street. I adore the Design Team’s fabrics. x
      Ps. Yes, have had to re-enter my name when writing comments.

    2. Janine on

      Morning…ditto Kim’s sentiments and also have had to re-enter name and email addy when writing comment.

    3. iwantthat on

      Thanks ladies – managed to get it sorted! V x

    4. Brenda Wardall on

      Love these! Have to go soon – need scatters!!

    5. Rose McClement on

      Strange – I have not had any hassles with the comment issues.
      I had to pop into their retail shop two or three times this last month and it is really a tantalizing experience. Particularly that new colour that they are adding into their range. I have always been a hot fan of their designs.

    6. Michelle on

      I love love love!! their designs. Will be using the cushions in my new home and will be recovering some chairs.

      Harrington street here I come.


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