• A friend told me about Curate on the weekend so i headed straight there yesterday.

    Based on the concept of a museum shop (always my favourite part of any museum trip if i’m absolutely honest), this is an emporium of both high brow and low brow delicious designer decor and gifts you’ll love.

    It’s situated in the Pierre Cronje showroom in Wynberg Chelsea and certainly is a sight for shop weary eyes. Lately it feels like i’ve been seeing a fair amount of the sameness out there – so hats off to the ever-talented Sarah Heinamann who has flexed her creative muscle and design savvy eye to curate a careful selection of things she loves.

    Curate1 Curate2

    From original artworks to bright toys and artful phone covers, there’s a seriousness and a playfulness rolled into one here. You’ll find a great selection of ceramics (many from the lovely Michael Chandler),  a series of seriously lustworthy artworks, jewellery, kitchenalia, stationery and Curate’s own-design gift wrap if you’re there on a gift-getting mission. Oh, and look out for the Clinton Friedman umbrellas – just gorgeous!

    Curated3 Curated4

    Fancy a visit ?

    Pop into Curate at 1 1/2Wolfe Street, Wynberg Chelsea

    021 797 3384

  • 7 Comments to “Curate”

    1. Sally on

      Right, I’m heading straight there first thing in the morning!

    2. Nikki on

      Oooh, I love the yellow coffee set!

    3. Claire Lacey on

      Been already! And will head there again. Such a beautiful space!

    4. Sue on

      This is THE place to go to for all my Christmas shopping – never mind the endless lists of teacher presents! Looks amazing!

    5. Linzi Hill on

      Oh AT LAST…. A destination shop with a difference… Thanks for the posting ,…. have been sick to death of “same old same old” where ever you go….

    6. Cathi on

      Defs going to look at this shop thanks you…yay!!! Going to start Xmas shopping next week already…!! Well realistically it’s only a few weeks away…eeeek!!

    7. Lisa on

      Oh this makes me soooooooooooooo happy … my man buys his honey (My Dad’s Honey) there (awesome choc brownies too – gluten free) from the coffee guy (yes, you read right … you buy the honey and brownies from the coffee guy) and so this gives me ANOTHER reason to go there too … and best part, within walking distance … wooo hoooo!!

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