Towards the end of last year i went to a function at Casa Labia to celebrate the opening of their wonderful Summer Show contemporary art exhibition (which closes at the end of January ) as well as the launch of the lovely new boutique there called Casbah. An emporium of Afro-centric wares created by Antonia Labia and Jess Henrich, Casbah has some gorgeous pieces for you and your home. From their own repurposed furniture creations to handwoven wardrobe and home essentials, the most beautiful bowls by ceramist Anthony Shapiro and some fabulous jewellery too.


    There’s a definite sense of Afro-luxe at this stylish new boutique and if you’re in my neck of the woods anytime soon, i recommend you stop in and have a look – factor in some time for a bite to eat at Cafe Labia and a wander around this magnificent Italianite mansion – don’t forget to have a peek at artist Justin Fiske’s installation out in the garden.


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    1. Doreen on

      yayyy…. a few ideas for my design studio!!!

    2. Kim on

      Ooh, this looks stunning – I L O V E that patchworky couch. I have been so curious about Casa Labia – will now make a plan to check Casbah out. Thank you! x

    3. Rose on

      Hi Vicki – COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON FOR 2013. Hope you have a totally stunning year ahead of you.
      I am definitely going to pop around to this venue again. I was there last year – had a bite to eat at the Cafe. Just love those OTT timeless Italian interiors. I was browsing their ‘ scrapbooks’ and came across a news article with your image in it – from the time when they opened I think. I had a little giggle while I wondered where i would next encounter the ‘ busy’ Vicki Sleet.

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