• The Captain and i slept late both Saturday and Sunday mornings, catching up on some much needed sleep time. By the time we finally surfaced on Saturday we were ravenous and so we headed down the road to Kalk Bay. Our friend Robin opened up his eatery Bob’s Bagel Café a few months ago and though we’ve been meaning to pop in for yonks we just couldn’t get our acts together. Thank goodness we finally did because it’s great! Robin serves freshly baked real deal bagels (made by fellow bagel obsessive Jeremy Barty) in variety of ways – from the likes of traditional bagel and lox (salmon and cream cheese) to avo & bacon, mature cheddar and jam or an egg and bacon option (just a handful of the choices). You can choose from a traditional New York style poppyseed bagel or a sweeter Montreal-style bagel – we chose the former and man they’re good – they taste as authentic boiled then baked bagels should – not too dense, slightly elastic and chewy, with a good crispy (not too crispy) crust and enough poppy seeds to give crunch. Yum!

    Bobs1 Bobs2

    Here’s what i think you’ll love about Bob’s – it’s owner-run and it’s the kind of place where you’ll pop in for a coffee and a bite and you’ll end up hanging out for an hour. We ended up chatting to people at other tables and simply enjoying being in the moment. It’s situated right opposite a popular park in Kalk Bay so it’s fabulous if you have kids – simply collect your order and hang out in the park while the kids play and you munch. They also have takeaway bagel packs which are useful for popping into the freezer for brunch at home, oh, and they serve hot chocolate in a bowl – i love that detail. And The Captain said his coffee was outrageously delicious. So there you have it (they also have sweet baked treats breakfast muesli and soup in winter). Bobs3 Bobs4 Bobs5

    Bob’s Bagel Cafe is situated within The Potter’s Shop – Robin’s wife Charley’s ceramics shop. So while you’re waiting for your bagel and cappucino, you can browse the selection of local wares by some fabulous ceramists such as John Newdigate, Chris Silverstone and Shirley Fintz. I also spotted some Tessa Gawith bowls and some Gemma Orkin pieces. Bobs6 Bobs7

    You’ll find them at the top of Rouxville Road – look out for Robin & Charley’s red kombi on the Main Road with the Bob’s Bagel sign on it and hang a right.

    They’re open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 8am-1pm Weekends 8am – 2pm

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    1. Janine on

      Kalk Bay needs a visit soon…thanks..x

    2. Suz on

      Awesome… definitely worth a visit to the Deep South!

    3. Nerina Wardall on

      So excited about this! Love a good bagel.

    4. Li on

      Awesome. Of course 🙂

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