• As most of you already know, i don’t often post hugely personal posts on the blog but i’ve chosen to make this series of posts a little more public in the hope i’ll stay the course. Over the course of the past few months i’ve been asked to review loads of different treatments, from groundbreaking facials to exercise concepts, beauty offerings and even a blow dry bar. With Charley being too tiny at the time (and me wanting to spend as much time with her as possible), i turned most of these opportunities down but now i’m ready to face the world and venture out without her.

    And turns out, i need all the help i can get. My skin and hair are not at their best, my body feels bleeurgh and well i’m in the post baby doldrums. So, join me as i review a bunch of treatments and offerings that will hopefully bring me back to life!

    Today’s post is a review on an Endermolift Facial Treatment i had at Legs 11, a state-of-the-art laser and endermologie salon in Green Point, Cape Town. What is endermologie you might ask? Well, if you were French, it’s likely you’d know exactly what i was talking about. You see, the French are firm believers in the wonders of endermologie, the non-invasive slimming, body contouring and anti-cellulite treatments.


    Using the same LPG machine that powers Endermologie sessions, an Endermolift facial treatment uses a small wand with smooth rubber flaps that gently squeeze the skin, stimulating the cells below the surface to produce more hyaluronic acid and elastin, plumping up your cells immediately. The result is immediate radiance that lasts – it’s the treatment of choice for many a Hollywood star and having seen the results i can see why. The idea is the have a course of treatments to improve your skin and to encourage longer lasting results. The first few sessions are close together and then once you’re going they are spaced further apart. You can have an all over facial and neck treatment or if you need a quick boost you can choose a targeted treatment to say, smooth out your forehead or the lines in your cheeks.

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    What i loved about my Endermolift Facial Treatment

    • It was quick – as in 45 minutes for a full face and neck treatment (targeted treatments are 15 minutes).

    • It’s pain free even though it’s targeting the cells below the skin’s surface.

    • As much as i love a facial and all the creams and oils, this involves none of that – your skin is cleansed and moisturised but the main focus is the Endermolift treatment

    • My skin looked and felt absolutely amazing. Plumped up, lines reduced and so, so smooth and soft.

    • The results lasted for weeks.

    What you’ll love

    • An Endermolift Facial Treatment works out cheaper than an ordinary facial (click here for the packages and price breakdowns)

    • The technique uses award winning, and proven state-of-the-art technology

    • It’s a natural process – nothing is being put into your skin, it’s your own skin cells that are being ‘woken up’ and stimulated

    • If you want an instant dose of radiance before a big night out, you can have a targeted treatment for 15 minutes – it’s great for brides to be!

    • You will look amazing!

    My verdict

    If it’s good enough for  stars such as Angelina and Beyoncé it’s definitely good enough for me. I’ve already booked my next session!

    Intrigued? Click here to read more

  • 3 Comments to “Back to Life #1”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Sounds divine – I have been contemplating ‘POLLYFILLA” as my skin is in a deplorable state after this long hard winter!

    2. Pippa J on

      sounds great, can you get it done in JHB anywhere??

    3. Charl on

      Know EXACTLY how you feel Vick re post baby (ies) doldrums!!! Also in the process of trying to get all the help I can! This sounds interesting! xxxx

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