• Smitten is one of the prettiest shops i’ve visited in a while. A confection of pastel colours awaits for those make their way to this new lifestyle emporium based at the Farriers centre in Wynberg. Sisters Charlene and Tracey have indulged their penchant for pretty things and the results are gorgeous. From sleepwear in the softest cottons to tableware gussied up with transfers of flower posies, scented candles and body products, jewellery, kids stuff with just the right vintage edge – you get the picture…

    isn’t that wallpaper amazing? it was especially created for Smitten by Donna who contributes such gorgeous posts to I Want That Wedding.

    love the lace ribbon ‘chandeliers’…so pretty

    and the cozzie and bikini selection is the best i’ve seen in years!

    you’ll find Smitten at Farriers Centre, 53 Constantia Road, Wynberg 021 762 9687

    And be sure to follow them on Facebook here

    PS. On I Want That Wedding today: black’s big for bridesmaids…check it out

  • 14 Comments to “Absolutely Smitten”

    1. Tracey on

      Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for the wonderful words – your pics are amazing and we are so happy you liked our shop.

      Hope to see you again real soon!

      Tracey & Charlenex

    2. Demyan on

      The shop looks amazing! Wow! Congratulations to both of you for creating a delectable haven (heaven?) full of fabulous temptations.

    3. Richard van der Merwe on

      Looks really great. Well done and I hope guys have much success. Next shop……….Buenos Aires!!!

    4. Li on

      I want one of those American flag steamer trunks!

    5. Andrew on

      Awesome job Tracey & Charlene – the shop looks absolutely awesome & you website is stunning – thank god I am in J’burg I would want to buy the lot and be broke!!! Good luck AC

    6. Blair on

      Reason number 5,890,675 why I should move to Cape Town… Jealous.

    7. Lucille on

      Blair i totally agree!

      Charlene can you do all my Christmas shopping for me please!!!

      Can’t wait to see the shop in person!

    8. Lucille on

      PS love that full piece cossie!

    9. charlotte on

      So proud of my lovely friends! x

    10. Merewyn on

      Aaaah Char too gorgeous! well done, so proud of you my special friend!
      xxx Merry

    11. Vanessa on

      Beautiful I WANT THAT merchandise.
      Well done friends…

    12. Mary on

      What a beautiful place to shop! X

    13. RedCat on

      So glad you’ve posted this! I saw their sign and have been meaning to pop in- now I know I need to and SOON!

    14. Lynette on

      Hi Tracey!

      Congratulations with your shop! It looks wonderful. The kind of place where you would actually like to leave your shoes at the door and spend hours browsing.



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