• Morning lovelies. So yesterday I popped into Wall Candies, on Woodstock’s main drag, for the first time. This petite shop-attached-to-an-art-gallery has always caught my eye but I’ve always been in such a rush I’ve just not made a plan to visit. I’m glad that I did. If you’re building up a gallery wall in a specific space in your home, as I am in my hallway, and want some neatly framed prints that don’t cost the earth to hang in between your other stuff, or need a few colourful prints to jazz up a sad and empty wall, then you must check it out. It’s all about simplicity and affordability. They have hundreds of pre-framed images in A5 size that are ready to stick with those sticky-dot thingies (that I’m obsessed with) already applied. The frames are not wood and glass like typical frames but totally look and feel the part of modern, simple frames – unless you walk up and give them a feel or a tap, you absolutely can’t tell the difference. As well as the convenience of being able to instantly hang your framed art (I’m ALL about instant gratification) the choice of imagery is amazingly vast: from vintage scientific/botanical illustrations to classical and instantly recognisable artworks by the likes of Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, contemporary art, Africana, advertising artwork, movie posters, vintage architectural illustrations, maps, flora, children’s book illustrations…

    PicMonkey Collage-23

    There’s pretty much everything and all genres covered. The prints are of a good quality, being pigment-based, and you can upsize to A4 or bigger if you want to. Ordering online will cost you R60 for an A5 Wall Candy or you can buy a themed pack of six for R320, but I would definitely suggest popping into the physical store because, for the next month, all A5 framed prints are the princely sum of R25 each. Yip, let’s just say I didn’t hold back. My choice included vintage hot air balloon illustrations, ferns of England, a few vintage citrus, flower, bird and African animal studies, some old architectural renderings, maps and a whimsical silhouette drawing.

    PicMonkey Collage-22

    PicMonkey Collage-21 PicMonkey Collage-20

    I haven’t finished deciding what goes where just yet, but here are a couple of blurry snaps of the ones that went up yesterday… My absolute favourites are Young Hare and Wing Of A Roller bird by Albrecht Dürer (above), beautiful paintings of wild game by William Cornwallis Harrisand a whimsical vintage illustration from a children’s book of a little elf teaching the birdies to sing. It’s so sweet and the colours are gorgeous.

    See the Wall Candies Facebook page for updates and specials, or browse and order online. But seriously, go visit the physical store now for the bargain-prices of those A5’s. 021 461-0318, 109 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock.

    I need another hot air balloon image ASAP! And how lovely is the silhouette. 

    PicMonkey Collage-16

    Those two prints of the hare and roller bird wing by Albrecht Dürer are my faves. 

    PicMonkey Collage-17

    And I love the wild African game studies by William Cornwallis Harris 

    PicMonkey Collage-18

    PicMonkey Collage-19

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