• Leather clutch envelope-bags from Campo Marzio = delicious!
    Leather clutch envelope-bags from Campo Marzio = delicious! Prices start at R175

    Here’s a little something to whet your appetite oh writing-implement-and-accessories-fiend ( I feel bad using the S word too liberally, it’s the convent-gal in me)…how about a leather envelope that’s meant for precious documents but works perfectly as a stylish little clutch?

    Mmm..methinks this is a fabularious idea…which is why it’s my present du jour for suitably fabulous friends (and if I behave for myself too. Ok, who am I kidding, I already have a teal blue one).

    These puppies are from Campo Marzio which is a cult Italian pen brand (they’ve been around since the 1930’s) with a recently opened new shop here in Cape Town. Jackpot baby!! It’s a teeny tiny boutiquey spot with these ‘bags’ in loads of different sizes, wallets, business card holders and a plethora of pens, like these

    Campo Marzio ballpoint pen R220
    Campo Marzio ballpoint pen R220

    Campo Marzio Fountain Pen R295
    Campo Marzio Fountain Pen R295

    They also have the most ridiculously gorgeous notebooks – but they deserve a post of their own which I’ll put together later in the week 😉

    Campo Marzio Shop 38, Cape Quarter extension, campomarziodesign.com, 021 418 0720

  • 8 Comments to “Yours Sincerely”

    1. Leigh-Ann on

      I want I want I want…..

    2. Janine Binneman on

      Stop it, I have to have the pink one!
      You know I love a pink pen!

    3. Kim on

      I LOVE the pens but don’t think I could downscale to fit ALL my stuff in those little clutches. Loving your site Vix.

    4. Kelly on

      Love , love the pens – especially the pink one!!
      Awesome site Vicks!

    5. Gina on

      The pens are quite a stretch for the MUJI girl in me, but the clutches are awesome, so witty!

    6. Simon Hulcy on

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    7. iwantthat on

      Thanks for visiting the blog Simon!

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