• I don’t know about you but I have had wall stickers on my wish list for a million years. I’m forever tearing pages out of mags and popping them into my iwantthat file for when we finally finish renovating our house and we can get onto the fun stuff (if i have to pretend to know what building lines and roof pitches mean for much longer I might explode!).

    Stick em up! Vinyl wall stickers
    Stick em up! Vinyl wall stickers

    iwantthat is offering readers a chance to win a fabulous Wall Tattoo from www.mywalltattoos.com The site has loads of different vinyl stickers, from cupcakes for kids to birdcages, trees and chandeliers (ooh…so nice for a bathroom) as well as stylish patterns to sexy up your space.

    They’re absolutely self-adhesive and are made of vinyl – they leave no residue on your surface and can be applied on both interior and exterior walls (a good thought for next to your entrance gate or on your garage door) and even cars!

    If you’ve got your eye on a wall tattoo, send an email to vsleet@telkomsa.net with I Want That Wall Tattoo in the subject line. Don’t forget to state your preference of tattoo and the colour (the site lets you choose a colour way) – you never know, it might be your lucky day.

    * Entries close on February 28th

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    1. Suzie on

      Oh man oh man these are beulah!

    2. bettysue835 on

      Hello, how are you doing? I really like your blog! I am wondering if you can assist me (im positive some other readers might also be curious). I want to get involved in creating a blog as well and I currently have a blog with one of the local blog websites, but i would like to also be able to build my own blog on my own web site name with wordpress. As a Word press webmaster yourself, do u perhaps maybe know were i could learn online tutorials to do this myself??

    3. iwantthat on

      HI Betty Sue, many thanks for visiting the site and for your comments. I used a customised WordPress theme for my blog – if you click on Signpost on the bottom of my home page you’ll be able to see the details for my excellent developers Signpost.

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