• I mentioned my new office space to you last week – well, in preparation, i’ve kind of being going a little overboard at Typo! Since December, i’ve taken advantage of their flash sales and 50% off deals and now have some lovelies which i will be making great use of in my new office space.

    Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 2.25.17 PM

    The folders in the bottom right hand corner of this shot from my Instagram feed (Vicki_IWantThat) were only R5 each and i bought the card pack  (R20) because i wanted to frame a flamingo card for the popsicle’s new room.


    I also spotted a Typo Filofax for R89 in a January sale so snapped it up! I used to use a Filofax religiously when i was at varsity (back in my twinset and pearls days – oi vey, that’s another story!) and i’m enjoying the familiarity of the system and the new approach of decorating using washi tape and various coloured stickies etc. My best part is the To Do list pages which i colour coordinate according to home, Good Housekeeping work and blog work. I’ve tucked my little pink Moleskine notebook into the Filofax for my grocery lists – love that it fits in perfectly.

    These are some of the new items you can expect to see in Typo at the moment

    Typo3 Race you there!

  • 5 Comments to “Typo Buys and Newness”

    1. Jen Crocker on

      Totally addicted to Typo and I love their sales

    2. Yvonne on

      I ♥ Typo!

    3. Nicola Meyer on

      So love Typo! I don’t have a Typo close to where I live and that is probably good as I think I would spend all my money there.

    4. Donyale on

      Hi. My name is Donyale and I’m a Typo addict 🙂

      When I’d run out of excuses to buy stationery for myself, I kitted out my whole creative team with note books, novelty pens and travel mugs…

    5. Chereen on

      Aaah, Vicki! Now I want to go shopping! Love your finds – can’t wait to see the rest of your office!

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