• Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole in Antique Rose
    Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole in Antique Rose

    (OK maybe i would love you a teeny tiny little bit more)  but only because it would emphasise just how you value quality, how substance and style are clearly so important to you and how you love items that combine form with function…

    And just think my love, of all the delicious things I could cook for you in this pretty little pot…tomato soup that you love so much, your favourite pasta and even moules mariniere..you know how much you like them moules my love.

    So…if you’re wondering where you can get this item of sheer beauteousness my love, you’ll find it at any of the Le Creuset stores in South Africa. AND...they’re having a special where these pretty-in-pink heart shaped casseroles have been marked down from R1224 to R999 …see, I’m really just trying to save you money – V day can be SUCH a commercial venture and I think it’s important that we remember what it’s really about…don’t you agree?

    All my love

    Your little cook


  • 4 Comments to “Top of the Pots”

    1. Suzie on

      Darling why don’t you just buy it for HIM for V-day?

    2. Paula on

      Heehee, I am going to copy and paste this and hope I get one too!

    3. Mandy on

      You make me laff laff laff. Hope he gets you one.

    4. Lana on

      Why why why are so pricey?! Love them!

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