• Hi lovelies! Since we’re STILL finishing off our house and since it is a veritabe black hole where money disappears, the chances of me spending hours shopping for pretties are minimal BUT that’s the beauty of the blog – it allows me to fantasy shop and maybe, maybe buy one or two things but for the most part, it gets rid of the urge to purge my bank account even more! This month I’ve noticed there’s quite a bit of pink in my picks…


    I do not need another tote. I repeat i do not need another tote. Sigh, I Want this tote. Find it at Zana for R230.


    There is something so delightfully holiday about these shoes by Pretty Ballerina – i love them and wish i was jetting off somewhere warm to enjoy them!


    A long long time ago i worked as a nanny in London, looking after two lovely little girls. They drank hot chocolate out of the cutest Babor bowls every morning, i loved that little ritual. I am far too lazy a mother to make hot chocolate for my little darlings before school every morning but if i was, i’d make in a cute kitty bowl like this one from H&M. R79,99.


    Isn’t this little metallic planter from H&M a beauty? I think i want some for my new desk for pens and things…it costs R79,99


    I’m on the hunt for a new denim jacket – and every denim jacket needs a lovely pin, like this one from Ghost Goods which you can find at Kwaai Gallery for R110

    PIC 1A_VAMP_BABY PATRICK PINK_13062017 (1)

    PIC 1C_VAMP_BABY PATRICK PINK_13062017 (1)

    I spotted these beauteous birdie plates over on the Vamp Facebook page today and i did a double, triple take – i love them so much!!! They cost R425


    My favourite Longchamp bag is falling apart which means i’m on the hunt for a new daily bag – and this cheap and cheerful number from Spree might just work – it costs R359

    Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.19.36 PM

    Yes i know, an oven glove is NOT the sexiest essential for the home but…The Captain through my much loved oven glove away and now i am lost! It was a bit burnt and crispy but it worked for me and now i am gloveless. This one is from UK designer Donna Wilson, so not easily available here but i shall continue my quest for one that feeds me just as nicely. Also, WHO throws away oven gloves before finding a replacement?!!

    Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.25.36 PM

    Have you seen the cool Tee’s from Simply Me? I’m loving them – simple, to the point and subtly stylish. They cost R260 – nice for gifts too!


    OK, so long,languorous baths are a thing of the past due to water restrictions although i do make sure to hope in the bath with the babies to at least get a reminder of what it used to feel like to bath. However, in Stanford there are NO water restrictions, so i have bought this luxe rose-scented bath soak for the next time we go down. I bought it from Faithful to Nature, one of my favourite online emporiums ever. R296


    I’m loving having an office to work in at home – the challenge is as always, to keep it tidy!

    This in tray is from MrP and costs R159,99 – i like!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      I am particularly besotted with the Bird plates and the Tote – thank you for the awesome temptations!

    2. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Thanks for sharing some lovely goodies :))

    3. Lalannie on

      Totally feel you on ‘I don’t need another tote!’ Why must they continue making cute totes and how many can one actually realistically own and use??

      That metal tray is delicious!!

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