• Hi lovelies! I hope you’re enjoying the BAG A DAY giveaway – i thought it was time we had a giveaway festival and it seems you aretoo considering all the entries. There’s one more giveaway coming later today 😉

    Here is my latest list of lust haves and things i’m loving right now…


    My friend Liesel has impeccable taste in art and i invariably find myself lusting after stuff she’s found. Dennis Kalil is no exception – i spotted one of his paintings on her Instagram the other day and fell in love immediately. He loves the Karoo – and so do i – this piece would make me very happy.



    I really really like these pedestals by Sixth Floor and available from Superbalist. I have no need for them at all but i have been onto Superbalist a few times over the past few weeks and tried to think of ways to justify buying them. They were on sale the other day for 40% off and i jumoed on and off the site umming and ahing over them. Sigh. They start at R1600.


    Aaargh, i’m really not in love with my wardrobe at the moment. The dresses i have don’t feel quite right because of my post pregnancy lumps and bumps and dare i say it, rather enormous boobs since i’m still breastfeeding, pants are shall we say a little snug, and my t shirts – i’m just over them all!I’ve looked all over and am battling to find something forgiving, cool and comfortable – except this dress from Poetry. I know i’m like a stuck record when it comes to Poetry, but seriously people, few retailers seem to have as big and as lovely a selection of seasonal dresses. This is the Abrielle shirt dress – buttons for discreet feeding, a lovely pattern and colour and sleeveless for hot and sticky days. It costs R699 and i’ve ordered it already!



    Did you know that broeks for babies are seriously hard to come by? And I’m sure you’ll agree that that in summer, broeks are pretty much all a small baby needs. I’ve been toying with having some made for Ava for this summer but then i spotted the cutest options from Handmade by Me – adorable!!




    You all know what a sucker i am for stationery – well if you are too, i’m pretty sure you’ll love these planners from local lovelies White Kite Studio. Choose from 6 floral covers and look forward to making 2017 your most organised yet! They cost R300 each and i love them!


    These rose quartz studs have that whole rough luxe thing going – i love them! Find them at Prestwich Collection – also they’re R300 – i think that is a nice price!


    So, in my heart i imagine myself spending the summer floating around the pool in this giant pink flamingo. Of course that’s probably the furthest thing from the truth – but shh…let me have my fantasy! This pink pretty costs R599 and you’ll find it and loads of other amazing lilos in shapes like pineapples and unicorns at So Spoilt.

  • 6 Comments to “Things I’m Loving Right Now”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love all the special goodies, – the painting really speaks to me – fabulous!

    2. Donyale on

      Gorgeous goodies and a couple of lovely gift ideas… I bought two versions of that Poetry dress from Cape Union Mart’s Old Khaki division and am LOVING them.

    3. Belinda on

      love the stationery goodies 🙂

    4. Lalannie on

      Those pedestals by Sixth Floor are so elegant!
      Poetry keeps on winning!
      Smitten with those broeks for babies!!

    5. Ronel Pimenta on

      The nappy covers are beautiful, but at R360 a pair it’s way to steep!!

    6. Carey White on

      I love my weekly round up of Becoming You – thank you. Lots of tempting goodies, and though I love those rose quartz earrings for me, the kids will most probably get the tres cool placemats that turn into masks, coz thats what moms do!

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