• I had a dream the other night that i was in New York and i was trying to meet up with my family and i kept on getting waylaid by beautiful shops and things to buy and super cool restaurants – this post is kind of like that, there’s no rhyme or reason to it, it’s just where my mind got waylaid with things i want and places where i want to be.



    I have a pile of things i want to frame for Charley’s room and it just doesn’t seem to get any closer to being done. I’ve just discovered this set of frames from Country Road which are perfect and are much cheaper than having things framed – R499 gets you three frames! And isn’t the cushion (also CR) cute?


    Mr P has some great rugs for the season – this North Star rug is huge and i’m very tempted to buy it and aren’t the door mats cool too? Imagine the blue and white one on a white painted floor? Things4

    I’m in dire need of some winter dresses and i can’t decide which of these will be better – i love a shirt dress but the dots on the wrap dress are super cute too.


    LOVE this kids bedroom – such a happy space Things7

    Sigh, one day i’ll set aside a weekend and will get a display of beautoful succulents like these going! Things8


    My quest for gold splashed tableware continues Things9

    I love this dessert idea – donut ice cream sandwiches – yum! Things10

    Love this bathroom floor – in my next life and house i definitely want patterned floors Things12

    I know, i know, i’ve just come back from the Seychelles, but seriously, i need and want to be in Greece right now!!

  • 6 Comments to “Things i Want”

    1. Yvonne on

      me too!! all great wants 😉

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Stunning am going to try the donut ice-cream sandwiches even though the weather is C O L D!!!!!!! Thank you for the great ideas

    3. lameez on

      Loooo it , want it tooo 🙂

    4. Jasmine on

      Donut ice cream sandwiches. Delish!

    5. Leigh-Ann on

      The Med, the Med, the Med….. (Sigh)

    6. Nicola on

      Holy crap – donut ice cream sarmies – yummo!!!

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