• I’ve noticed (happily) a gaggle of well-known international brands are opening up showrooms in Cape Town (I drove past the soon-to-open Roche Bobois one tonight and it looks like a total stunner) and I’m incredibly excited about one in particular. But first, a wee backstory, because why not… A lifetime and a half ago, when I was doing my thing at House & Leisure magazine, I got to travel a lot. On a trip to London one September for the100% Design Festival, when it was in its early days and I was still wide-eyed, bushy tailed and pretty green behind the ears, I came across The Rug Company. I remember being so excited by what its founders, Christopher and Suzanne Sharp, were doing: collaborating with heavyweight fashion designers to create magnificent statement rugs made using traditional methods by artisans who weave by hand. Back then, the whole collaboration thing and the cross-pollination of fashion designers into interiors was still very new, and I found it all pulse-quickeningly thrilling. I had to compile a report back for the magazine and I still remember how incredibly kind, professional and enthusiastic Suzanne was, how quickly she replied to my pleas for help with images (as usual, us magazine types need everything yesterday) and how cool she was to correspond with. I think why it stood out for me is because here was a successful person, a well-known name in the industry,  being incredibly nice and warm and helpful to a junior writer with very little confidence and even less experience. Believe me, it wasn’t always like that and I dealt with my fair share of total plonkers who thought they were rock stars – and could treat people like dirt – just because they’d designed a shelving unit or a light fitting. (No, I don’t have unresolved anger issues, I promise). Any hoot, the point is that’s why I am extra jazzed that The Rug Company has opened in Cape Town, with their desirable collections by names like Paul Smith, Rodarte, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby as well as designs by Suzanne herself. There are also cushions, wallhangings and throws. Rug prices are on the hefty side, but we are talking about hand-crafted heirloom pieces. Even if you don’t have the dosh, though, you can appreciate their beauty. The Rug Company’s Cape Town showroom is at 34 Bree Street and is open Monday to Friday until 5pm and Saturday until 2pm. PS: Suzanne, if you’re reading this, howdy and welcome to Cape Town x

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    Designs by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
    Cobalt by Rodarte
    Cypress by Suzanne Sharp
    Oriental Birds by Paul Smith
    Ellora Black by The Rug Company
    Darjeeling Orange by The Rug Company
    Jaipur Pink by The Rug Company
    Hutton Runner and Harrington Runner by Jonathan Saunders
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  • 5 Comments to “The Rug Company Is Here!”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Just what I need – hoping Lotto comes to light!

    2. lameez on

      Beautifull, lovely colours and patterns , need and I want one2 😀

    3. Georgia on

      The most creatively beautiful rugs (artworks) ever…

    4. Bevin le Roux on

      I would love that crocodile rug for Lucien’s room…

    5. Jon on

      Amazing designs; way more desirable than what we’ve previously been exposed to by the “persian rug mafia” in SA; welcome Rug Company!

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