• Hello lovelies! I’m slowly getting into the two babies and not one swing of things and by slowly, i mean sloooowly. This morning i took Charley to school and raced home to feed Ava – i felt like i’d walked on the moon! I have no idea how i am ever going to leave the house on my own with the two of them. One step at a time i guess. In the meantime i have no real reason to leave home – it’s bloody cold outside and the weather looks like its going to be playing games with us for the next few weeks at least, with rain and icy temperatures coming. We’ve got the fire going most days at the moment and i’m layering up, both wardrobe wise and on our bed and in the lounge.

    Blankets are my best friend at the best of times – what better way to bring a tactile element into any space without making major changes, right? And i’m especially fond of mohair since it has such a beautiful lustre and because its a natural fibre too. Do you remember how scratchy mohair used to be when we were kids? Well, The Mohair MIll Shop have turned that idea on its head – their blankets are super soft, so warm and come in the most beautiful hues and patterns. I love that they start small (perfect as baby blankets) and go right up to king size. I’ve put together a mash up of interior ideas using different The Mohair Mill Shop blankets and some lovely cosy fashion looks to go with their mohair and their bamboo socks – which are AMAZING!! They are the best kiddies socks i have ever found and if you love super soft fibres in fab patterns and colours, i really, really recommend.


    Green in a gazillion shades continues to be big in interiors – and if you love plants in your contemporary, minimalist space – i say add a pop of colour and go for a gorgeous green mohair throw


    A sky blue throw and a candy floss one would go beautifully in this room mohairmill3

    Grey and blush are a winning colour combination – add some texture to the mix and you’re good to go mohairmill4

    I love this nursery and i love the idea of mohair blankets as an extra element even more mohairmill5

    Need a shot of colour? You know what to do!

    mohairmill8 Here’s another gorgeous nursery that could do with a mohair blankie or two.

    Take a look at the selection of socks from The Mohair MIll Shop

    mohairmill6 mohairmill7 mohairmill9

    Charley was given a set of these when she was a baby and she still wears them now. They’re so soft and haven’t faded one bit. mohairmill10 So pretty!

    Shop for mohair and bamboo socks here

    Wrap up warm lovelies!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Would love to purchase a Mohair Blanket ! They are so cosy and warm – unfortunately mine was stolen some time ago

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