• I’ve had some truly awesome facials (from QMS! Medicosmetics, Clarins and Dermalogica) over my career, but I have to say that the bt-facials will be a hard act to follow.

    Why, you ask? I can see the results on my skin with my own eyes (and others can see it too).

    Prepping the skin
    Prepping the skin

    What you need to know…

    Bio-Therapeutic’s been around since 1974 in the US , manufacturing wellness and ageing-preventive medical devices. They use proven ingredients and technology, with scientific white papers backing their claims.

    It’s all about the ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate powers our whole body, acting on collagen and elastin production, blood circulation and muscle contractions. The bt treatments improve ATP production significantly, and the effect continues to improve up to six months afterwards.

    The lights fantastic: The LED lights penetrate into different levels of the skin to activate different cellular processes, depending on the light used. Red light is used for healing, and production of collagen, elastin and ATP); blue light targets acne, green light targets hyperpigmentation and yellow light targets inflammation. They can also be used in combination to address a variety of skin needs, including anti-ageing. WARNING: The lights should not be used if you suffer from epilepsy.

    The recommended regime: a course of four to six treatments a few days apart, after which you come for maintenance every six weeks.

    Down to business

    I had a series of four 90-minute facials, and a whole lot happens during these…

    Facial 1

    First up, cleansing, followed by a (rather too) close skin analysis, which decided us on the anti-ageing programme.

    Next, exfoliation using bt-micro, which moves over your face using ultrasound with microcurrent to loosen dead skin and clear pores (similar to microdermabrasion), leaving skin receptive to the product that follows.

    A series of serums that work with your programme is then applied, with the bt-Micro pushing them into the skin. Then comes the hyaluronic gel masque, which feels a bit like your face is being smooched by a cold jellyfish.

    Enter the LED lights (if you’re having these)… The clear masque allows the lights to penetrate the skin. Your eyes are protected by pads as well as goggles, but you still feel flashing kaleidoscope lights through these. The flashing lights can make some people feel uncomfortable initially, but you quickly get used to it, or they can be toned down.

    While the 20-minute LED programme works, you get a fantastic neck and shoulder massage. Finally, the masque is removed, the excess goop massaged in and the bt-Seal (serums are sealed in with a day cream and sunscreen).

    My impression: No downtime, blotchiness or heat on my skin. It felt hydrated, calm and very firm.

    Facial 2

    The same routine.

    My impression: I broke out on my chin afterwards, which shows how nourishing the facial is, but the rest of my skin looked plumped and radiant and felt fantastic.

    The bt treatments: micro, LED lights and nano lift
    The bt treatments: micro, LED lights and nano lift

    Facial 3

    Because of the breakouts, we skipped the Hyaluronic Masque, using the bt Nano Lift on the jawline and forehead, and the anti-acne programme on my chin area.

    My impression: My eye area looked more sculpted and lifted. The skin felt less oily on my chin for a few days, and by day five, it peeled away. Since then, it hasn’t felt as oily and I’ve had fewer breakouts (probably because of the bt-cocktail as well).

    Facial 4

    Included the masque.

    My impression: There was a definite spring to my skin’s step afterwards; and no breakouts.

    My homework

    The effects of the treatments are boosted by using bt-cocktail skin-care at home (R1 596, it’s designed to last 6 weeks with twice daily use). The three-step regime is all about repair, protection and restarting optimal synthesis of ATP, reducing the appearance of pores, fine and deep lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity. It comprises:

    * Energy 1, a liquid serum for reducing excess oil, and to lighten and brighten the skin.

    * Energy 2, a gel serum targeting tired, dull skin, enhancing its vitality, and protecting the barrier function.

    * Energy 3, a light cream containing peptides that enhance production of different types of collagen.

    I find I need a bit more nourishment, so I use a BB Cream over the trio, which covers all bases, including sun protection.

    Anyone for a cocktail?
    Anyone for a cocktail?

    The result

    My skin has improved over-all. The fine lines around my eyes have become a lot shallower and the tone and texture have improved substantially – it feels springier and simply looks better. My benchmark is my forehead lines, which have become a lot deeper in the past few years. These are much shallower now.

    If you need further convincing… an encounter with the 40-ish deputy ed of a health mag at a launch had us both agreeing that it had made a remarkable difference to our skin. Then the visiting international make-up artist who gussied us up commented on the quality and texture of both our skins. A week later, I saw a Jozi-based colleague, who said the make-up artist had also commented on her skin quality, saying ‘what is it about you all…’. And, yep, you guessed it!


    Depends on how you layer the technology:

    * A normal bt facial with the ultrasound cleansing is between R550 and R700.

    * If you have all the technology, ie, bt-micro, LED lights and Nano Lift with the bt-seal, the recommended price will be between R850 to R1 000.

    Note: Prices vary from salon.


    For your nearest salon and more information about Bio-Therapeutic, click here or phone (021) 824 9029

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