• You know those shops that you browse in and you end up buying a bunch of things that you don’t necessarily need but that you very definitely want? Well Tea & Kate (how cool is the name?!) is definitely one of those kinds of shops. From paper goods to decorative items and a range of cute kids gear, they have a lovely selection. Just as well they’re UK based since i’d be there in a flash if they were based here.

    Tea&Kate1 Tea&Kate2

    That world map desk pad is freaking lovely Tea&Kate3

    Love these for the baby’s room Tea&Kate5

    Definitely don’t need these, definitely want them Tea&Kate6

    Oh, come on!!! Look at those match boxes and those pens too for goodness sake! Love!

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    1. Red Cat on


    2. Megs H on

      OMG…I love all of this stationery!!! Thanks for informing us about these goodies 🙂 xxx

    3. Carine on

      oh bother (yes, I use Winnie-the-Pooh language) – if only we had enough money so the gap between WANT and NEED was as thin as that beautiful desk pad……

    4. Kerry on

      I love all those little bits and bobs. At the ripe age of 40, i have finally accepted and embraced that I am a collector of things (not a hoarder, not yet at least), but i love collecting pretty things. Thankfully “Tea & Kate” is not local, cos it is gorgeous! Thanks for showing us such lovely stuff!

    5. Nikki on

      I love all things stationery. I would bankrupt myself in this shop! Good think they aren’t local.

    6. Nadia van der Mescht on

      Woweee! I need & want it all! Thanks for sharing. x

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