• I have a birthday coming up and am hoping to get myself a me-to-me pressie of wallpaper. I was sold on something pretty from Pip Studio but now that I’ve seen this wall tile-inpsired collection by Suzy Amoils at Robin Sprong, I’m seriously conflicted. I love the idea of Spanish, Moroccan and Turkish tiles and have always wanted to clad a wall in my kitchen in them, but the prices, sheesh! While it’s still costly (isn’t everything these days), the new wallpaper range by Suzy is more doable within my budget. A Cape Town based interior designer and graphic artist who was born in the Congo and has Spanish roots, she currently runs her own studio, Turquoise Interior Design. The wallpaper collection clearly amalgamates her cultural heritage, interior decorating savvy and graphic design experience and talent. I love all of the colourways but especially the bright, multi-coloured versions.

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    For details see Robin Sprong

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    1. Yvonne on

      I love these!!

    2. Rose McClement on

      I saw these on their website sometime earlier this year. It is awesome. I just wish that I knew of it way before we used the real-ma-coy ceramic tiles on a project last year – we clad the scullery walls in the selection of tiles. Glad that this wallpaper has made this style, look and feel more accessible.
      Now for something similar for the floors.

    3. lameez on

      Beautifull 🙂

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