• Just last week i was sitting at the aiport at 5am in the morning, thinking ‘i really want a pair of those’, after seeing a girl sit down with the most fabulous pair of patterned Superga sneakers! And now there’s even more temptation to buy a pair since fashion director and prince of pattern Chu Suwannapha has brought out his own range for Superga. I LOVE it – he describes it as Afro Pop and its a juicy, delicious, uplifting and unique collection of out there colour, print and pattern that take their reference from African tribal prints and patterning. Chu has been in the magazine industry for many, many years and now he also has a clothing label which is going great guns – a nicer, more humble and more talented person you’ll struggle to find – here’s to you dear Chu, you are so very clever and i want a pair of your Superga shoes!!




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    I want these slip ons!

    You’ll find these amazing shoes in Superga concept stores from December and they’ll start at R950

  • 3 Comments to “Superga teams with Chu”

    1. Miri on

      omg I must have a pair, where from and how much??

    2. lameez on

      Super awesome with style, love the designs and colour 🙂

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Stunning – just what I need

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