• Hello lovelies. I hope your day is going swimmingly. So we’ve recently painted all our walls and they’re still totally plain and pristine but also empty and boring. I haven’t put anything up because I just don’t have the time to think about it and want to make a few changes and switcheroos regarding where stuff was before and where I’d like it now. In addition to my mirrors and framed prints and paintings I’m also on the market for some bright and cheerful wall stickers. I know that polka dots on your wall isn’t the not the most ‘grown-up’ interior design choice, but I don’t really care as their frivolous perkiness makes me happy. While there are some fab local sources I’ve also been looking further afield. A little while back an Australian online magazine led me to this Oklahoma-based design studio, The Lovely Wall Co., who (yay) ship internationally and whose designs I absolutely love. They just feel really fresh and graphic and quite Scandinavian-ish, which totally ticks all the boxes for me. As well as a huge portfolio of decorative decals and a range of kids’ designs to choose from (most customisable according to your colour preferences) they also do a removable wallpaper tile which is such a clever, modern way to bring pattern into your home without the massive commitment and expense that regular wallpaper presents. I’m drawn to both their character designs as well as the more graphic and abstract stickers: right now I’m weighing up the confetti polka dots (happy-making) and the multi-size stars (which I’d like in lots of colours). Their kids’ stickers are super-cute but also cool and edgy; no flower fairies here… Check out their wares if only for a spot of eye-candy escapism with your next cup of tea.
    The Lovely Wall Co.

    picmonkey-collage-84 picmonkey-collage-85 picmonkey-collage-86 picmonkey-collage-87 picmonkey-collage-88 picmonkey-collage-89 picmonkey-collage-90 picmonkey-collage-91 picmonkey-collage-92 picmonkey-collage-93 picmonkey-collage-94 picmonkey-collage-95
    These wallpaper sticker tiles are pretty genius…
    picmonkey-collage-96 picmonkey-collage-97 picmonkey-collage-98 picmonkey-collage-99

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Nice – will certainly brighten up any room

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