• Ah guys, local design is just so damn amazing! I remember so clearly on work trips to London and Paris and other big overseas destinations, desperately using my free time to dash through Habitat or The Conran Shop or Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie to find myself just one little really cool thing, something edgy and design-savvy and fabulous that you could NEVER find back home. Granted it was a while ago and things have been dramatically different for a long while now, but still, local design just seems to get exponentially better and better and there’s so much more of it that’s really good and really original and really holds its own with the world’s best.

    One of my favourite local brands that seems to just ace every new collection is Love Milo, founded by Nicki Ellis. Using Mother Nature as inspiration in so much of their design work, the latest range looks to the night sky and is aptly named Cosmos. It is (sorry, can’t help myself) totally out of this world.

    In their words: ‘Cosmos is a fresh, contemporary play on points without order. Similar to the stars above, where the spacing is accidental yet each composition creates its own unique pattern.’ Printed on tableware and homeware and accessories, there is something utterly charming and ethereal about the ‘beautiful, haphazard scattering of dots’. Set phasers to stunning*! (*Yes, I’m a Trekkie).

    Well played, Love Milo. Never mind the ball park, you knocked this one out of the known galaxy.

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Very different

    2. Zahraa Minty on

      Very Tasteful

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