• Hello lovelies! I have a confession to make: i’ve developed a bit of an online shopping problem. My reasoning (bear with me) is that i need (not want) the things i’ve been buying because i was pregnant the whole of last year (well, from January to August) and the year before i spent most of the time in hospital so, really, i am two or three seasons behind and so…i really do need stuff. My jeans are looking worse for wear, i have four jerseys i actually like and my coats are all more than 10 years old and need an update (which has already happened thanks to a sale at Spree last week). I’m also completely over my handbag and have been trawling websites looking for something that appeals. I’m battling with a floppy tote which i love but it’s not practical because at this stage of my life with a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old in tow, my bag is often full of their stuff and finding a dummy for a wailing baby in the bottom of a floppy tote, in the middle of a shopping centre, is pretty stressful. So when i spotted the new beauties at Bloss & Co i knew i may have found my answer…take a look and see…

    Astrid Tassel Tote -Tan Astrid Tassel Tote Bag Navy Inner Shot

    So these are Bloss & Co’s Astrid Totes – they’re semi structured (not rigid), they’re big enough (but not too big – they measure 28cm from top to bottom) for stuff you need to have with you PLUS they come in three gorgeous colours – tan, navy and the prettiest pink (see below)



    I love the pretty leather tassel detailing and i love the different compartments (see the inside above) AND i love that you can fit a smaller bag inside it too. Also – how fab is that lining? The fabric is called Monkey & Tulip and is also designed exclusively for Bloss & Co by local artist Kelly Higgs.

    Meadowlands Make Up Bag

    Tropical Make Up Bag

    These are Bloss & Co’s makeup bags – how beaut?!

    Saffiano Leather Card Holder - Black Saffiano Leather Card Holder - Tan Saffiano Leather Card Holder Gold -Inner Saffiano Letaher Card Holder - Navy

    And these leather beauties are business card holders – ooh, fancy! I also like them for loyalty cards like my Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card, my Woolies card and my Clicks card and gift voucher cards too – saves me time when i’m standing in the line at the shops.

    The other bag that i am pondering over is a Bloss & Co classic – the Gia 3-in-1…i’ve been coveting it for a while…i love that you get three for the price of one and its a BIG tote (34cm) BUT it doesn’t look like it would be totally floppy…


    What would you do, lovelies?

  • 4 Comments to “Some Bloss & Co Beauteousness”

    1. Donyale on

      That Tan Blos and Co is gorgeous and practical – looks like a winner to me!

    2. Lalannie on

      Blooming beautiful!!
      I need one of those business card holders for all my loyalty shopper cards.
      The Astrid tote is practical and will probably meet your needs but also like the Gia 3-1 especially the smaller bag for when you do a quick errand by yourself.

    3. Janet W Perry on

      I’d go for the Gia 3-in-1 but in black!

    4. anneeda on

      I love the Pink Astrid Tote Bag! Its big,but not huge.So you will have enough storage space in your bag and it adds a nice soft pop of colour to your handbag!Its a yes from me 🙂

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