• I popped into Poetry on the weekend while finishing off my Christmas shopping and i can confirm they have lots of lovelies in store

    the accessories here always get me – love the scarves and love the pretties in the jewel cabinet

    their whole global thing is right up my alley – the bowls are exactly the ones you see in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the relief work glasses come in a whole lot of different colours – i love them – they’re really affordable, and nothing looks better  with a crisp white table cloth

    if blue and white is your bag (and really, how can it not be?) ..there’s plenty to choose from here..they have a really good deal at the moment – buy three and get four ceramic items

    but if you’re into an all-white and naturals palette – Poetry ticks the boxes too

    and then of course there’s the clothing – comfy, prettily patterned, summer-loving clothes this season – i’m coveting an all-cotton gown for swanning around the house in

    PS. See you later for another giveaway in my 24 Days of Give & Take promo

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    1. Li on

      gorgeous frames and i love those little crocheted goodies!

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