• Hello lovelies! I’m just hoping in to share some of the new Autumn and Winter offerings from one of my favourite fashion and lifestyle hubs Poetry. The new collection is rich in texture and deep colours and its lovely to see the rise of ochre and magenta and how boldly they’re teamed with everything from teal to red – i think you’ll love the on-trend pleated skirts – and there’s a lovely sequinned one too.

    Here are the images for the new campaign – the pics are really feminine and quite whimsical but the pattering and fabric choices are actually quite bold and distinct. There’s a definite nod to laid-back boho vibes but you can also wear most of the clothes in the collection to work or for lovely wintry parties.

    The colour palette also got me thinking about the Bloomsbury group and their art and  palettes of dirty colours

    Isn’t that teal top beaut?

    I definitely have that black sequinned number on my wishlist! Here are some more colder weather pretties form Poetry that i think you’ll like

    Spot anything you like?

    Shop Poetry online here or pop into your nearest store

  • 3 Comments to “Poetry Autumn/Winter 2018”

    1. Phillippa Duncan on

      *sob* I want the ochre top and sparkly skirt…and they are nowhere to be found on the website!

    2. iwantthat on

      Oh no Phillippa, i feel your pain – i also want it! I’m going to email and find out when it lands in store and will let you know. V xx

    3. Heather on

      Have to confess I saw the shoes in a pic in emerald green. And I was there like a bear. Bought a pair over the weekend. Absolutely lovely!

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