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    The Willy Wonka factory for pen and pencil lovers, Faber Castell pencils have been made in Nuremberg, Germany since 1761 and stationery fiends would love the brand’s factory that is a hive of both old and new technology and design. I visited about six years ago and I still have some of the Grip pencils I bought while I was there. This image is a close up of thousands and thousands of pencils on a conveyor belt and whenever i see it I get a  lovely happy ‘I love pencils’ feeling.


    This old school ruler is by another great stationery producer Lyra who are also based in Nuremberg. They make lovely chubby pencil crayons for kids and their latest range of neon colours are the perfect bright and beautiful addition for any desk top.


    These notebooks are by Swedish stationery brand Bookbinders Design who have the most delicious stores dotted throughout Europe. I bought some pretty wooden stamps from them when I visited Zurich last year – they commission designers and illustrators like Sara Mara to produce unique work for them.


    And lastly…my favourite favourite stationery producers forever and ever and for all time..Muji whose ‘no brand’ brand is one of the best utilitarian brands on earth (well in my opinion anyway). And…they will sometimes ship to South Africa..check them out!

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    1. engela du toit on

      at last – congrats – love every word

    2. Janine Nagel on

      i see we share a pavement,us stationery sluts..lol..u like me…buy a card for someone,but buy two cos it’s too cute..or just not send it as its too cute too share…lol…looking fwd to your blog…all the best

    3. iwantthat on

      thanks for visiting Janine – the double card thing – know it well – and as for nice wrapping paper (because one day I’ll frame it)..oi vey!! Hope you’re well. V x

    4. kirsten goss on

      had to giggle – sitting in honkers reading your stationery affliction and have to admit that one of my most fav things about arriving here is going to my pen and pencil mecca in some downtown armpit of industria where i spend a bit TOO much time selecting ink colours and nibs. what is with us!? and card stock – don’t get me going!!!

      felicitations vicmeister – loving your work! xxx

    5. Abigail on

      It’s sooo gorgeous! x

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