• Hi lovelies, how are you doing? We’re at the stage of our renovation where we’re starting to add the layers – it’s my favourite part – just a pity my budget isn’t playing along! I’ve eliminated quite a lot of colour and painted LOTS of furniture black – it’s been quite rewarding to pare things down. Having said that, the two littlest girls’ room is still full of colour and once all their pretties are up on the wall will be even more colourful – just the way it should be – no minimalism happening there! There are some updates i’m keen to make – i’d love a doll’s house for Charley Bird and i’m keen to get some more Sylvanian family creatures for her – i think one of my favourite parts of this age is hearing her play imaginary games, it cracks me up. I can here her chatter away “come on darlings, we’re going to be late” to who only knows, it’s adorable!!

    If you’re also on the lookout for small people inspiration and beautiful decor, toys and furniture for their rooms and play spaces, go and have a look at Olly Polly. It’s the brainchild of Gen Motley – a very talented artist and creator from Durban. I’ve featured her jewellery on the blog years ago but Gen has been very busy since she first started creating her laser cut jewellery – Olly Polly is her new baby and its really impressive. She has so much I want and would love for my girls! Her brand is inspired by her daughter Olive and came about when she couldn’t find much to kit out Olive’s room as a baby and toddler a little later. Well done Gen! Your products and your presentation of them is spot on! I Want it all!










    Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.05.57 PM

    How adorable is the doll’s house and the toy box and the little people and and..and well, everything!

    Olly Polly ships anywhere in South Africa for R65 – take a look at the rest of their offerings here

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    1. Genevieve on

      Thank you so much for the mention! <3 I cant wait to see all the pics of your renovation.

    2. Olly Polly Celebrates Local Books | I Want That on

      […] Polly has been creating this year (if not, you can see the post i write about her beauteous wares here). Well in a well-timed move (perfect for Christmas shopping for the little people in your life), […]

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