• Hello lovelies, so the countdown to Poppet number 2’s arrival is in full force – i am now 33 weeks pregnant which means (since i’m having a Caesar), i have 5 1/2 weeks to go – yikes!! I’m pretty much sorted bar one or two things (i’m looking for a nice mobile for her…any ideas?) and i’m enjoying ticking to do’s around the house off the list. I mentioned it was on my to do list last week – I’ve moved Charley’s clothes from her dressing table (which we used as her changing table) into her cupboard and the baby’s clothes are all laundered and packed. I’ve also been reminding myself of the lotions and potions i’ll need for her arrival (the list is long) plus adding some essentials i could have done with last time but didn’t know about.

    Which brings me to the subject of today’s post. A while ago i met with some of the Faithful to Nature team to chat about their amazing brand (it’s the biggest green online emporium in South Africa with thousands of green food, bodycare, beauty, health, cleaning, baby, homeware and appliances options) and we got chatting about how some people are already very green and eco conscious and others (like me) are really only starting on trying to be more eco-conscious. And by that i mean i dip in and out of being environmentally aware but to be honest i am not nearly conscious enough. It’s something that’s been bugging me for a while – i mean, we recycle (not everything i admit), i only buy antibiotic-free milk for Charley and try to feed her organic veggies as much as possible too and i’m totally anti products that have been tested on animals for skincare and bathtime needs but i have such a long way to go to be living a greener life.

    I’m trying to reduce my consumerism for the sake of it and am using far cleaner, greener household products than i ever have. So, i’m very excited to starting on a greener journey with Faithful to Nature which i’ll be sharing with you in the coming months.

    My first step starts in making better choices for Charley and her soon-to-be baby sister. Here are some truths and items i discovered in my Faithful to Nature site wanderings as well as products i really recommend if you’re looking for must-buy items for your babes…


    I LOVE local and organic brand Pure Beginnings- i’ve used their products religously since Charley was born and i recommend it to all my friends. Their bum cream is an absolute winner – i can’t recommend it enough and we’ll definitely be using it for baby number 2 – it smells divine and is great for any dry spots you may have too – you can even use it on yourself if breastfeeding is taking its toll!  I also really recommend their toothpaste for when babies are a little older and the body wash (which comes in a big pump action bottle) is a firm favourite in our house too.

    I’ve been reading up a lot on baby massage lately – it really helped with settling and soothing Charley when she was little and i still massage her feet a lot (shame, she suffers from cramps in her toes often, so she needs the massage time)  I bookmarked this Instagram infant massage video last week  and i know i’ll be using this oil by Victorian Garden, a brand i love, after bathing – especially since it contains soothing chamomile and sleep inducing lavender.


    Mama’s, I’m sure you know the lovely local, Oh Lief baby and body products brand – it is incredible, consisting of 100% locally made, all-natural products with a serious pedigree. I also use their products a lot – we alternate bum creams between the Oh Lief one and the Pure Beginnings one and i love their Natural Olive Tummy Wax. Since we go away at least once a month, a kit of travel-sized gear is an essential for us and this Oh Lief gift box has everything you might need for going away and for your baby bag.  It makes for a great baby shower gift!


    The midwife i went to before Charley was born for prepping for her birth told me to buy a tin of formula in case breastfeeding didn’t work out and i heeded her advice. We were lucky that i didn’t need to introduce her to formula until she was 5 or so months old when my supply dropped quite drastically because i was back at work and overwhelmed with juggling baby and career. As much as i will never turn my nose up at formulas because i know they have been properly formulated to give your child everything they need, i won’t deny feeling guilty about those first few formula feeds. I got over that pretty quickly when i saw how our Birdie thrived though. This time, i’ve stocked up on Holle Infant Formula Stage 1. I’ve only heard excellent things about it from friends who have used it and i like that its organic (99% organically grown and certified ingredients), it’s also wheat, sugar and gluten free and since i have a digestive auto immune disease i’ve been advised to use a product that is as additive and allergen free as possible.


    People speak about the guilts when you become a mom and i do suffer from pangs when i’m working too hard and not seeing enough of Charley (she told me she missed me the other day, it made me feel very sad) but for the most part, i know we’re doing the best we can to do right by her. One of the HUGE things i feel guilty about though is the nappy situation. I hate that the average nappy will take 200 years to decompose, i hate that every nappy in the bin is going to landfill – i feel guilty, guilty, guilty to be contributing to it. I’ve looked into the cloth nappy thing and to be really honest, i don’t want to do it before the baby is a few months old – i know there are proponents of using it from newborn but most of the friends i’ve spoken to have said that when the baby is a newborn it is a nightmare! That’s why i’ve stocked up on Bio Baby Nappies – hallelujah, they’re biodegradable! And while they’re still contributing to landfill, i know they’re not as bad as the ones you see on regular supermarket shelves because they do actually degrade.


    Before we had Charley i was aware of Bisphenal A (BPA)  issues from plastic but since she was born i’ve become super aware of them. BPA is an agent used to harden plastics and has been used for over 40 years. It’s everywhere. It’s been linked to adverse effects on the brain and behaviour in animal infants and having done some reading it’s not something i want to expose Charley or her sister to unneccasarily. That means using bottles or cups that are BPA friendly, luckily there are many of these on the market nowadays (be careful of cups and bottles from big plastics warehouses because they’re often not BPA friendly). I love the idea of the Green Kid stainless steel bottle which you can use from when they’re tiny to when they’re toddlers (it comes with a teat and a sippy spout). It’s metal so it won’t smell and is spill proof too.


    We have an issue with thermometers in our house. i loved the digital one i got as a baby shower gift but if the battery is even vaguely flat it gives incorrect readings! Before Charley had grommets a year ago, she was constantly getting ear infections. One morning i could see she was really ill, i took her temperature and the digital thermometer said her temp was 37. I took her to the doctor anyway and it was 40 degrees!! Unfortunately she’s terrified of the stick thermometers that you stick under your arm – who knows why, so taking temperatures is a pain! That’s why this baby is going to be introduced to this clever little gadget from the get go – a dummy that’s a thermometer – thank you green gods for the Cherub Dummy Digital Thermometer.


    Now this stuff is pure gold! When Charley came along i hadn’t really thought too much about breastfeeding – i knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be easy but i didn’t really think past that. Well, it was hectic! We spent hours and hours at lactaction consultants and at laser people to help with blisters and cracking and everything else that comes with the territory. But i was determined to continue because research shows that my breastfeeding could well protect her from developing my Crohns disease. When she was 6 weeks old i got really ill and was going to have to be hospitalised but i managed to get through it – but as a result my milk supply dropped dramatically. Which is where Floraforce Fenugreek comes in – it is brilliant stuff – i took six a day and within hours of taking my first dose, my supply had already improved – it’s bizarre and it works. It’s not always easy to find so i’ve stocked up from Faithful to Nature so i know i don’t have to shlep around looking for it.


    The Badger brand is one i love, love, love! I’ve used their products for many years and have only ever used their SPF30 Baby Sunscreen and Toddler Sunscreen on Charley. It’s pricy BUT a little goes a long long way and i like that it doesn’t rub in so you can see if you missed a spot. Charley went sailing with The Captain last Sunday and spent the whole morning on the boat with him – i had applied the sunscreen to her before she left and despite the fact she’d been out for ages and he forgot to reapply (!!) she didn’t get burnt at all. It’s water resistant, organic, comes in BPA free packaging and protects from UVA and UVB exposure. It’s also made using natyral ingredients like organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, jojoba and cocoa butter – and zinc oxide for the SPF element.


    Some of you may have seen posts i’ve done on bamboo socks for kids before – i am such a fan and would recommend getting bamboo socks for anyone having a baby. Charley has only ever worn bamboo socks and i have a few pairs too – i LOVE them. This little two pack from Cape Mohair is so sweet and again – a great gift for someone having a girl.

    So there you have it lovelies – my essential, green goodies for our new baby – products i highly recommend and ones i can’t wait to try. The best thing is i didn’t have to haul my big belly into a car and around the shops, toddler in tow, to get them – it was simply a matter of clickety clicking on the Faithful to Nature site to choose and the items were delivered a few days later. I look forward to sharing you more posts and findings on #MyGreenJourney with Faithful to Nature.

    Moms, what have been your can’t-live-without-products when it comes to your babies? Please let me know below, i’d love to hear!

  • 6 Comments to “#MyGreenJourney with Faithful to Nature: Maybe Baby”

    1. phillippa on

      Ta muchly for this post – now of course I am obsessing on their site about everything I want! And of course I need all of it!

    2. Cathy Kruger on

      Anja at Papertales makes THE BEST baby mobiles – origami paper cranes in black and white with a splash of the appropriate colour . My little one was enchanted with her cranes!!!

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So many great ideas regret they are all toooooo late for me to apply but interesting to share

    4. Kimberley on

      I feel I’m in the EXACT same boat as you – 34 weeks pregnant, moving Benjamin’s things to his new room, and just got spoilt with a bunch of Oh Lief and Pure Beginnings goodies at my baby shower yesterday. Love that stuff, but a lot of what is available in SA from an organic, baby perspective is pretty pricy… which is why getting gifted a whole bunch of things is really special. Love the post!

    5. iwantthat on

      Thanks for the tip @Cathy – going to go onto Papertales this evening!

    6. Adele on

      Only just read this blog post – some great products here I didn’t know about. Also received a fancy ass digital thermometre which has let me down in my hour of need on more than one occassion! The dummy thermometre is pure genius! Predominantly still breastfeeding but my supply also drops drastically when I get even a tad stressed, and yet to find a formula that I’m happy with. This organic one is def worth trying out!

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