• This year i’m determined to:

    • Not get caught up in the Christmas chaos – of driving to Merrypak for labels and paper on Christmas Eve

    • Not spend every cent i own on gifts and holiday essentials, leaving me bankrupt for the whole of January and February!

    This means i’m getting started early on buying gifts and wrapping essentials this year. I’ve decided to shop in two batches – the end of this month and the end of November and that’s it. I always save my Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points to buy meat for Christmas Day and for the freezer while we’re on holiday and that balance is looking healthy and i recently bought 6 x bottles of bubbly on special which i’ve hidden away for the festivities. Gifts wise, i have a few bits and pieces already but i’m starting to look around for thoughtful finds and well priced buys this week. Which brings me to Love Letters Stationery – they do a brisk business in personalised stationery and essentials for the home and i’m defintely going to be getting some of the new season’s items both as gifts and for myself! Take a look at some of the things i love.


    If someone you know loves candles, then give them a a special find along with some of these long, safety matches. They are so hard to find and i love that Love Letters has both festive and more everyday ones. Click here to buy.


    Love Letters Stationery diaries are the bomb – they come personalised and are extra tough to withstand a year’s worth of being bashed about in your handbag! Order one for you and one for a friend now and tick that box! Click here to read more.


    I’m so excited that we’re away for the holidays and i already have a bit of a movie as to the things we’ll be doing for Christmas. Crafty things are part of the deal and these crackers are just the ticket! Click here to buy.


    I’m a sucker for foiled anything and when it’s foiled monogrammed stationery – hello!! These cards would make a fab gift. Click here to buy.


    If you have a budding home decorator in your life, you’ll know she loves decorating her own space ad nauseum – which is why these gold star stickers are too lovely. Click here for more.


    For the stationery fiend – this big fat collection of cards and paper and tags is just fabulous – i love it and want it!! Click here for more


    I want this nautical stationery for obvious reasons! Click here if you do too.


    There’s a certain person going to high school next year who i know would love this set of personalised pencils – i’d love one for myself too. Click here to buy.


    Now this is a fab gift – a personalised box for all the stuff that every family collects. I’m thinking of getting one for The Captain – for his office. Click here to buy.


    I want one of these to take with us on holiday – i’ll personalise it with fresh flowers and finds from our daily walks. A Christmas must have! Click here for more info.


    And these are a must i’ve decided – no more writing a gajillion tags – one set and you’re done and dusted. Order yours here.

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    1. Yolandie on

      Yes I agree this is the best to do if you buy in 2 – 3 batches, because then you don’t feel it so much at once. 🙂

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on


    3. Yvonne on

      Love Love Letters Stationery, my order has already been placed 🙂

    4. lameez on

      Looov it!! I want this so pretty goodies for gifts 🙂

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