• Hi lovelies! A quick post from me today as my head is busy busy with all the things i need to get sorted for our bedroom (x3) makeovers! I’ve ordered a bed for our youngest teen from Dial a Bed (thank the Pope for online shopping), i’ve been to see Ploy from Hoi Ploy about a little upcycling job i needed her advice on, i’m off to find a chair this afternoon for our oldest teen’s room, i custom ordered this shelf in twice the normal length from Simply Home for her room too and there are a bunch of paint jobs waiting to be started and finished – it’s all system’s go! Of course, when a mail from Mono arrived in my inbox last week i knew i had to act fast since i saw some goodies there that i knew the girls would love too! I’m so impressed with owner Petro’s commitment to affordable, desirable designer homeware – i love that she uses local craftsmen to manufacture her designs and also that she is so tireless in producing new offerings on a regular basis – not an easy task! Here are some of the new items…


    A sweet little triangle shelf to add some style to a wall


    These paper wall hangings are so on trend!


    Mono’s linen is perfect for minimalist interiors needing a little pick me up


    This cube light is my absolute favourite piece by far -i love it!


    Here it is again – isn’t it fab?!

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    1. Donyale on

      Scandi vibes from local hands – BLISS!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Always a chic choice

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