• Are you looking for a new set of bed linen? I’m seriously hankering after a little something-something. A gorgeous set of linen really can make such a difference to your room – a bold print can give a space its design direction while something textured will create a sophisticated layered mood. The thing about really proper bed linen – I’m talking a beautiful design and great fabric – is that it’s hella expensive. I don’t have deep pockets by any means but I can tell you that there are a few things I’d skimp on now that I’m older and wiser, and good bed linen is one of them. I’ve got cheap and cheerful sets as well as those I’ve spent a pretty penny on, and the ones that have lasted the longest have been the ones that have given me mini-palpitations while looking at the price tags (I have a Russian linen set I bought from Loads of Living almost twenty years ago and it’s literally like sleeping under your favourite, softest, coolest shirt). I always like to see what’s new at Linen House (an Australian brand) because of their design-forward prints as well as their cool take on modern classic patterns (something the Aussies excel at) and textures such as appliqué and broderie anglaise. They’ve also got a lovely selection for kids without a garish colour or superhero in sight that I love and also represent several other brands such as Marie Claire, Marie Claire Mini and Poppiseed. My two cents: don’t think of good bed linen as an indulgence or even a grudge purchase – I honestly believe it’s an investment in your home that you’ll never regret.

    Visit Linen House for stockists and more details – and if you want to buy online, Yuppiechef is a good bet!
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    picmonkey-collage-203 picmonkey-collage-204
    picmonkey-collage-205 picmonkey-collage-206
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    picmonkey-collage-173 picmonkey-collage-174
    picmonkey-collage-175 picmonkey-collage-176
    Lilou Apricot from the Marie Claire Mini collection
    picmonkey-collage-177 picmonkey-collage-178
    picmonkey-collage-179 picmonkey-collage-180
    Breton from the Marie Claire Mini collection
    Margot from the Marie Claire Mini collection

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Would love to ‘splash’ out & purchase new linen!

    2. lameez on

      Love all , on my bedding list!

    3. Liz on

      All of it is gorgeous!

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