• Hi there lovelies! I’m excited to share the wares from Luna Living, a  local lighting supplier with you – because i think these pendants really are magical. They have a sculptural quality in the day, look beautiful grouped together and at night they really come into their own – casting gorgeous light and patterns, whether in a forgotten corner of a living room, above a dining room table or in a bedroom. Its only in the last few years that i’ve really come to appreciate how lighting can add another of ambience to your space and just how important having secondary sources of light are in a space – i know just the corner where i would love a trio of these lights! They’re handmade in Egypt – i just love them! I’ve showcased them with some ‘get the look images’ so you can get a better idea of how fab they would be in a home environment.





    Visit Luna Living here

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    1. lameez on

      Wow so stunning and stylish 🙂

    2. Nicola on

      Looks stunning thanks Vix!!!

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