• One of the reasons i love going to Stanford for the holidays is because we get to catch up with our friends Catch and Jero who live there. This holiday was no exception and we ended up extending our stay by a night so we could hang with them for a little longer. Catch is one of the most laidback people i know with an enviable c’est la vie attitude to life and i am amazed at the many projects she undertakes and ideas she takes to fruition without all the noise, she just does it  – from the amazing Stanford recipe book she created to raise funds for a local school or her range of decor items under the brand name Kiekie Design which she created with her friend and fellow designer Sandra. So clever is Kiekie that Mr Price Home got hold of them and commissioned a range from them to fit into their Colab concept where they showcase the work of local designers.

    How cool is that?!!

    So…you’ll find Kiekie in Mr Price Home stores – it’s a range of loudly proudly colourful kickass  South African designs that take their context from our surrounds – Catch says they wanted to create something that reflects the SA aesthetic without venturing into that tricky overly ethnic space…check out the video link at the bottom of this post to delve a little deeper

    Catch1 Catch2 Sandra and Catch – creators of Kiekie

    To view a video of the girls talking about their work, click here

  • 5 Comments to “Kiekie”

    1. Li on

      Sheewow, nice stuff!

    2. charlene on

      Very proud to be a South African!

    3. Kimberley on

      Love these prints! I’m hitting Mr P this weekend 🙂

    4. Catch on

      Vix u too kind, girlfriend. But thanks for the mention. &please visit again soon, we love it when u r here

    5. Cathi on

      Wow South African love!!!!!

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