• Hi lovelies! I’m struggling a little to get to my computer at the moment since Ava feeds every two hours morning and night, shew, i’m a zombie today! But i can say that my phone is working overtime and browsing Instagram is one of my favourite things to do at 3am – i’m too cross eyed at that time to read but pictures i can do! I recently stumbled across the Insta feed of Eef Lillemor, a Dutch kids design brand who just get things so right – the sweetest designs and the loveliest palette too. I’m acutely aware of strongly branded Instagram feeds at the moment – mainly because i have no defining identity on my Instagram feed, it’s all about babies and food at the moment! But if you are a brand and want to drum up business via Instagram, then take a look at how Eef Lillemor curate their feed – it’s really strong!










    Loving all the sherbety colours!

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