• One thing i’ve discovered while missioning to green the interior of our home is that nice planters are really, really hard to find! We bought a huge planter a few months ago to house a rubber tree in our dining room and i hate it. I call it the Noon Gun – it literally looks like a giant cannon that’s been cut in half, turned upside down and planted with a tree. We painted it black and it’s still butt ugly. And unfortunately it’ll take a small army of folk to move the damn thing it’s that heavy!

    Having seen the planters by the folks at Indigenus i am smitten – they are way out of my price range but a girl can dream.

    The collection features planters designed by the likes of furniture design talents such as Haldane Martin, Gregor Jenkin and Laurie Wiid Van Heerdeen – people who know that there are NO nice planters out there and who have worked with Indigenus to produce a new planter design language. The result is a contemporary collection any space would love – from all wood to wood and cement mix and metal that’s designed to rust and reveal intricate patterning.






  • 4 Comments to “Indigenus Planters”

    1. Cindy on

      These are gorg!

    2. Madreez on

      Ooohhhh, absolutely LOVE the cement and wood planters! I’m also a container gardener, and beautiful (and affordable) containers are really hard to find!

    3. Suzie on

      Love – Love – Love!!!

    4. Lil on

      what do you put at the bottom of these planters so that the plants stand out. They are beautiful

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