• Tout Petit is wallpaper maker Eijffinger’s latest offering directed at children (or at least their stylish parents). It’s an absolute delight with lovely illustrations in soft, appealing colours as well as several designs featuring fun and graphic photo-real imagery blown up to mega proportions. If you’ve ever priced wallpaper you’ll know it’s eye wateringly expensive, however no paint effect in the world can come close to wallpaper when it comes to adding truckloads of character to a space for years on end. The trick is to pick a design that you and your child will enjoy living with for a long time, and one that will adapt to their changing needs in furnishings as well as their developing tastes. I personally love the collection and would be quite happy living with most of the designs indefinitely.

    The range is available to order locally from Dreamweaver Studios who are also the exclusive distributors for the Pip Studio wallpaper range.

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     Have a lovely weekend y’all. x

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    1. lameez on

      Bright and beautifull and fun designs, blessed weekend to u too 🙂

    2. RedCat on


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