• I spotted Famille Summerbelle online a few weeks ago and am so glad i did. Their collection of pretty little things for in and around the home are just lovely – from map prints of cities where they’ve lived and worked to tea towels and trays and the sweetest paper houses, their brand of happy is right up my street.

    Fam1 Fam2 Fam3 Fam4 Fam5

    I am MAD about these paper houses, want, want, want! Fam6 Isn’t this cut out heart piece fab?

  • 4 Comments to “Famille Summerbelle c’est Swell”

    1. lameez on

      This so adorable,cute, beautifull creative in style lov those hearts and cushions 😀

    2. Andrea | cleverbirdbanter.com on

      Gorgeous stuff <3

    3. Mandy Allen on

      Je t’aime Famille Summerbelle

    4. iwantthat on

      Andrea, can we please talk about your AMAZING gravatar? LOVE!! V x

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