• It’s Friday (yay) and as good a day as any to turn the spotlight onto beauty. By now we’ve all seen the introduction of facial oils by the various beauty brands as part of their skin care ranges. Contrary to what logic would tell you – that putting oil onto your face will inevitably cause breakouts and greasy-looking skin – anyone who has ever used a good quality oil will sing its praises as the ultimate elixir for smooth, gorgeously moisturised, glowy, slightly less wrinkly skin.


    I am a bona fide convert after having used two different oils that I love (Kiehl’s amazing Midnight Recovery Concentrate and The Skin Creamery’s absolutely gorgeous Facial Hydrating Oil), but I think I have found my ‘forever’ products in the form of The Body Shop’s new Oils Of Life range. The collection includes an Essence Lotion (essentially a toner); a Facial Oil; an Intensely Revitalising day cream; a Intensely Revitalising gel cream (slightly less rich than the day cream, I would say for younger skins); a Sleeping (night) Cream; and a twin-ball facial massager to improve skin tone and circulation while reducing puffiness and wrinkles.

    The point of difference here is that all of the products – not just the Facial Oil – contain a generous dose of cold pressed oils: black cumin seeds from Egypt, camellia seed oil from China, and rosehip seed oil from Chile (that are also 99 percent organically grown, so no greenwashing here).

    I’ve been using three items from the product range – the day cream, the facial oil and the sleeping cream – for two weeks now and I can really, but truly, see and feel the difference. My skin tends to feel dry so much of the time and is prone to ruddiness, but it feels so good right now despite the change of seasons (not a great time for my skin historically). I’ve had so many people (strangers and friends and family) commenting on it too, so I know something must be happening. I was told my skin looked great and I should have facials more often when I literally haven’t had a facial for about eight years now; I’ve had someone at my son’s school commenting that I can’t possibly be 40-something because my skin is like a baby’s bum (er, awkies); I’ve been asked if I’m pregnant again because my skin is glowing (though I’m convinced the person asking was looking at my stomach, not my skin); and in a queue at the bank on Monday a very sweet older lady told me I looked radiant (say whaaaat?!). I really do cringe at compliments of any kind, but a spade is a spade I guess and the (baby’s) bottom line is that clearly my skin is sort of glowy right now despite that fact that I am exhausted and running on empty and having very little sleep and am constantly rushed off my feet and spend zero time bothering with aesthetics. The range is brilliant and I’m sticking to it like oil to a french fry. The fragrance is also my cup of tea: barely there earthy, amber tones with the most minute trace of spiciness, like the scent of an exotic garden being carried on the night air. It’s gorgeous.

    The Body Shop is having a ‘buy two get the third one free’ special on certain skin care products until next week (apparently) and the range falls under the products on offer, so this weekend might be a good time to treat your skin to something seriously lovely. Even at full cost per item, it’s VERY well priced for products that look, feel and work like an über-luxe, high quality skincare range (the oil is R290 for 30ml, R360 for the night cream that’s a generous 80ml, and R260 for the day cream which is 50ml). Go now while the special is still on and do let me know what you think after using it for a little while.



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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Sounds great

    2. Beth on

      Just what I have been looking for! Thanks – I am heading there now

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