• So i’ve been wearing pyjamas for three weeks now and it’s safe to say i’m missing wearing normal clothes and actually living like a normal person! I’m fantasising about actually going out with The Captain on an actual date where i get to wear makeup and even a pair of heels! Aside from that i’ve also been scouring the net for a new handbag – i have a structured one that i love and which i found on the Accessorize sale for 50% off – it’s emerald green though, so is very specific colour wise. I also have a large navy blue tote which i use a lot but because i wear so much navy – it’s very matchy matchy. I’m looking for a tote that’s either out there – in a metallic or bright colour or big, black and a basic that i’ll love for years – and i think i’ve found it at Erato


    This is the Carla – it’s 100% leather and is lined in leopard print which i LOVE the sound of!! It’s big enough for a laptop plus all my files for carrying to and from work plus i know i’ll be able to fit some of Charley’s stuff in it too if i’m popping out with her. It comes in a lovely soft grey and also brown leather but i think i’m stuck on the black.


    I also really like the Taylor (the silver bag – it also comes in gold) and think it would transition beautifully from winter to summer – aren’t their other totes fab too? I love the red!


    Here are some more statement type bags – the Brooke blue crossover body bag is also GREAT and so practical (it comes in other colours too) and the snakeskin is very va va voom!


    I’m definitely in the market for some new heels – my wardrobe seems to have got very staid over the past year – time to glam things up a bit methinks. I am counting down the days to some red lipstick and heels time!

    For more heels, bags and accessories that you can buy online – visit Erato

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    1. lameez on

      Tell me about , feel the same I really need to Glam up or a huge wardrobe make over …I Want those stylish and stunning shoes,bags ect 🙂

    2. Yumnah on

      So need to glam up after baby, bought new heels already soooo definitely need a new handbag to match! Who doesn’t love online shopping?!?! yippee!

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