• i’ve long had a love affair with Donna Wilson’s gorgeous knitted pouffes


    and when her latest catalogue landed in my inbox filled with examples of her ceramics lines – well now, i really am smitten



    we may be headed for summer on our side of the world but her knitted lovelies for snuggling and keeping warm are well worth drooling over and that rug is too lovely don’t you think? Love the boaty hot water bottle cover too.

    for more on Donna Wilson, check out her site here – oh, and she ships worldwide!!

  • 5 Comments to “Donna Wilson Rocks my World”

    1. Rose on

      I popped over to her site and some memories came flooding back of a trip to Helsinki two years ago for the a special family event. It was at the time when winter was just making itself known. I actually enjoyed their cold weather, because everybody wore gloves, cap, scarf and all manner of warm woollen goodies. It felt so right, whereas, here in SA, some of do and others don’t wear the winter warmers.

    2. Ally stephenson on

      72 quid for a scatter cushion….eeeeeek! Gorgeous stuff but way too expensive for my little home.

    3. iwantthat on

      Sigh, Ally we can dream…delicious eye candy though

    4. coelho on

      love her stuff so much too-did a post on her once & she actually replied, nearly fell over!x

    5. Carla Nel on

      Hello! at the top of this article you mention Donna Lewis (who is a photographer!). Just thought I’d mention. x

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