• Hello lovelies! I’m so sorry i fell off the wagon last week and barely posted – i had so much going on with work, Ava was miserable after a grommets procedure and Charley Bird has terrible bronchitis so we’ve had our hands full.

    Did you have a good weekend? Yowser, it was cold in Stanford!! We were up there with friends and It was wonderful spotting all the snow on the mountains when we were driving back yesterday afternoon – i really hope it makes a significant difference to the dam water levels. This week is a busy one work wise and on the #iwantthatreno front we’re continuing on the snag list train, the Captain carted loads more stuff out of the house into storage last week, we’re getting some more curtains today and we’re going to start hanging pictures this week. I mentioned last week that our headboard and ottoman were en route and i’m so happy to say they’re even more beautiful than i had imagined! So, today’s post is about my love affair with deep buttoned furniture…and if you scroll down to the bottom of the post you’ll get a sneak peek of the two beauties that now have pride of place in our bedroom and our bathroom…the bedroom reveal with ALL the other elements will be on the blog soon….


    I love how deep buttoning can elevate a fabric or a piece of furniture into something so elegant and dare i say it – classy (such a hideous word and notion but you know what i mean, right?). This grey wingback is a winner – i love it!

    Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.40.03 PM



    Yes, i know, the grey force is currently strong with this one – i suspect it will be for a while until i can face colour again. Also, how amazing is this half couch-chair thing? Love!


    Deep buttoning just feels like such a grown up choice – and i really wanted that for our bedroom, i wanted a hotel-esque bedroom that felt plush and sophisticated.


    Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.44.31 PM

    Without buttoning, this pouffe would be nice – but with it – wow!! I know – more grey…if you’re sick of all the grey, take a look at this beautiful chair…


    Pretty amazing, huh?

    Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 8.58.17 PM

    More colourful beauteousness!


    I found this ottoman on Gumtree a few years ago and it was covered in a hideous maroon fabric and a shedload of cat hair. I bought it for a really good price and have been holding onto it for ‘one day when i have somewhere to put it’ – well, i love how it fits in with  our bedroom-bathroom and how it pops against the beautiful marble tiles. The fabric is a hemp-linen blend and it’s from Hemporium. Isn’t the colour beautiful, i love it! It was so well priced and i love the mix of high brow buttoning with lo brow, tactile hemp.

    We realised after it arrived that we should have painted the legs before it went to be upholstered (duh!), so now we’re going to have to do it by hand and if ONE drop of paint gets on the fabric i’ll have a total heart attack!





    The headboard you may have seen already on the blog (click here to read about my last bedroom project). It was made for me years ago by an old school upholsterer (sadly, the wonderful Mr Meyer has since passed away) and i’m so pleased i chose to have it recovered and not replaced as the upholsterer i used this time around, remarked how well made it was. For this velvet, i went to Halogen International who have the most incredible range of velvets imaginable – this was from the Emerald collection. I love how its grey but its silver too – and the lustre just makes it feel so fancy. Love, love, love. I’ll be sharing more from Halogen on the blog this week, their fabrics are fantastic.

    So that’s it from me from this morning. Lots to look forward to on the blog this week – a giveaway, a restaurant review and a long overdue Thing i Want …hope you have a great start to the week. V xx


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    1. Nicole on

      I’m so loving this post!! Sad to hear about Mr Meyer’s passing though, he did my mom’s old school couch for her a couple of years ago as well!
      If possible could I have the name of your new upholsterer?

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